What We Got For Christmas 2017

The CR-10 is the work of Chinese firm Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology, with the CR-7, CR-8 and the CR-10 the Chinese firm has been dedicated to providing the community with amazing 3D printers and they finally have a 3D printer worthy of it's predecessors. The CR-10 came about in the summer of 2016 and ever since then it has been the number one 3D printer to get for under $500. The build volume alone makes it one of the top 3D printers to get in last few years. With sales constantly going on and giveaways ever few months the CR-10 is in no short supply and isn't going to stop being our favorite 3D printer anytime soon.

Creality3D CR-10

Now let's get the straight for the record. This is not a full review of the CR-10 this is just a small basic review of the CR-10 that we got for Christmas. If you want to get a intensive full review of the CR-10 you can check out the 3D Printing Nerd's YouTube Channel, Uncle Jessy's YouTube Channel or various other 3D printing enthusiast on the internet that have done so.

With that in mind, we are pretty excited to have the CR-10 amongst our 3D printer collection. Compared to our other 3D printers that we have this one takes the cake. Despite its slender frame, the Creality CR-10 is a big 3D printer and we’re not just talking about its large build volume. It takes up quite of a lot of space and is not easily manageable next to other 3D printers.

It took us a while not even 15 minutes to un-box it and set the CR-10 up and after we had it in its place we had to move the entire 3D printer just to fix one little mistake so fair warning to all of those who up the 3D printer in a not so movable place. We have found a solution of adding a piece of wood or acrylic glass long enough to fit under the entire length of the CR-10 to make moving the 3D printer more accessible.

We ordered our CR-10 from GearBest and it came with everything you need to have in order to start 3D printing. They even sent us a small batch of test filament, like half a small filament roll, to test some of the files that came on the USB stick. Like the famous Creality cat as a test bench or the infamous 3DBenchy from Thingiverse that has gotten so popular with 3D printing.

It took us no time at all to get the 3D printer up and running and once we got the bed leveled in even with the tempered glass that is sometimes off balanced we got straight to testing the Creality cat and 3DBenchy to make sure everything was running nice and smoothly and the results were better than expected.

For those DIY-ers and 3D printer hobbyist that love 3D printing and having a 3D printer well worth the money, you should definitely get a Creality CR-10. The CR-10 has quite the look and feel as any other Cartesian 3D printer thought it may look slim this 3D printer prints huge models when giving the chance and even have blue color go-faster stripes that makes it all the worth wild.

The CR-10 is available in different sizes and upgrades, the smallest (standard) print area is a 300 x 300 x 400mm — that's even larger than the various other "BIG" print area 3D printers like the Lulzbot Taz 6, MakerBot Replicator+, and Zortax M300. Let's not even get started on the CR-10S which is the upgraded version of the CR-10 with an even bigger print area.


Yes the Creality CR-10 may be an absolute beast of a 3D printer with a 300x300x400mm build area but this is it's bigger better older brother we are talking about. The CR-10S has all the proper upgrades. From a 300x300x400mm build area to an upgraded 500mm cubed build area, dual Z axis, a filament sensor and a ton of other really good features the CR-10S is a beast when it comes to 3D printing but some may say it might be a bit of overkill for a desktop 3D printer.

It's not wrong to want all the finer things in a 3D printer like a filament sensor and wanting to have a bigger print area for those ridiculous builds. To some its a necessity like for us for our future builds, it's needed. Though as it sits the CR-10 "small" version with the 300x300x400mm build area is enough for right now and may be perfect for any DIY-er.

The CR-10S is nearly double the size of its baby brother at 500mm cubed and that means that you have to have a bigger place to put it and the CR-10 is already taking up too much room. It's not really a bad thing to have for a 3D printer at 500mm cubed print area just an obstacle that we can hopefully get around when setting up shop and finding it's proper place among our 3D printers.

The line up of the Creality CR-10's are absolutely amazing 3D printers to have from the "small" baby version sitting at 300x300x400mm to middle child of 400mm cubed and the older brother of 500mm cubed there's no size that the CR-10's can't cover. Which is something that we can hopefully put to the test when our first build comes up in January 2018. If we can ever decide which build to choose or what direction we want to take the build towards but whatever the build is it is going to be well worth the wait and we are going to enjoy using the CR-10 for the build.