Derby The Dog

National Dog Day

Born with small deformed front legs Derby's life didn't look fulfilling until one day he came into the foster care of Tara Anderson with thanks to Peace and Paws Rescue. As an employee of a 3D design and 3D printing company called 3D Systems, Derby didn't realize how luckily he was going to be.

Now if you don't know 3D Systems, It's one of the largest leading manufacturers of "3D products and services, including 3D printers, print materials, on-demand parts services and digital design tools." At first Derby got a set of wheels, but that wasn’t ideal. It wasn't what he needed, it was awkward for Derby as much as it was for us to watch him not be able to play with other dogs and not having the feeling of actually running or walking. Tara knew something had to change for the better.

Working for 3D Systems has it's perks, she thought that she and her co-workers could create or come up with a 3D printed prosthetic leg that would give Derby the mobility that he so desired. What took months of 3D scanning, 3D designing and further iterations of the 3D printed prosthetic leg the time had finally come to give Derby his new set of legs.

New Lease on Life

With a new lease on life, it seems as though Derby is doing absolutely amazing with his new legs and with his newly adopted family. Derby's first pair of 3D printed legs were too low to the ground for a regular dog but Derby was no regular dog. The shape of Derby's back growing up took it's toll on him and being closer to the ground made things easier for him. Derby’s newly 3D printed prosthetic leg were re-designed to give him that of a working leg with a flexible joint at the knee that allows him to run more naturally and finally raised him up to a natural height.

Now thanks to iterations of 3D printed prosthetic leg from various heights to different designs, it seems as though Derby's back and legs are doing perfectly fine now. It's hard not to want to cry or shed a tear when you read about Derby and not be happy for him, his story is an amazing one told with the help of 3D printing thanks to 3D Systems. And while for now it may seem that Derby and 3D Systems are happy with his new legs, 3D Systems is developing a new prosthetic that will offer him even more natural means of mobility, just as you thought his story was over with.