Drum Corp International and Marching Band Figurines

Drum Corps International (DCI) proudly presents Lucas Oil Stadium for the DCI Finals where the top corps from around the nation will gather to compete for the title of DCI World Champions. These bands have been through months of hard work and dedication and some have even gone through extreme lengths and transformations while striving to put on immaculate and amazing marching band show. These DCI shows are absolutely amazing and definitely worth the trip if you ever get the chance to come see a DCI show at Lucas Oil Stadium but if you are unable to make it to any of the DCI Finals we highly suggest checking out the DCI: Big, Loud & Live event that brings the event to you live on the big screen theater nearest you.

Drum Corps International Presents...

The Cavaliers were founded in 1948, as the drum and bugle corps for Boy Scout Troop 111 in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. Their growing reputation as one of the best of Chicago's neighborhood drum corps soon led the boys in the troop to reorganize themselves as a standalone operation, borrowing their name and logo from a brand of then-popular cigarettes, and choosing their colors of green, black, and white - a name, logo, and color scheme that have part of the corps history ever since.

Led by corps director Donald W. Warren, The Cavaliers began a rapid ascent in the ranks of drum corps, winning their first field contest in 1952. That rise continued through the rest of the decade, with The Cavaliers winning their first national championship at the 1957 VFW convention, breaking the stranglehold of East Coast drum corps and establishing the Midwest as the epicenter for championship drum corps for the next decade. The Cavaliers went on to be National Champions seven more times between 1959 and 1969, a decade where they became known far and wide as "The Green Machine."

In 1971, The Cavaliers were instrumental in pulling together the concept that eventually became Drum Corps International. But the 1970s saw the corps endure a tough decade, as the members struggled to keep pace with a rapidly-evolving art form. On the verge of shutting down in the early 80s, the corps was reinvigorated by new sponsorship from the Village of Rosemont, and bolstered by this support, the organization made a re-commitment to not just compete, but to excel.

With a new management and staff, the corps moved from being a 10th place corps in 1981 to a Top Three finisher in 1986 - competitive territory The Cavaliers have occupied regularly in the 25 years since. The Cavaliers won their first DCI Championship in 1992, a feat they repeated in 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2006. Using a combination of strong visual presentation, powerful musical arrangements, and aggressive color guard, The Cavaliers are one of the most easily recognized drum corps in the activity today.

The year was 1937. A group of business men gathered at the University of Wisconsin Stock Pavilion to view a performance by the Racine Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps. Impressed and entertained, the men brought back to Madison what they saw and heard. Months later, on February 8, 1938, The Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps was born. The Madison Scouts have established themselves as the premier youth performing arts organization of the modern drum and bugle corps scene. “Proud, Loud and Pleasing the Crowd”–an unofficial mantra of the corps–the Scouts are known for their entertainment-focused programs that consistently bring audiences to their feet.

The Madison Scouts are one of the thirteen founding member corps of Drum Corps International and are a two-time DCI World Champion. The Madison Scouts is one of only two remaining all-male corps, with the other being The Cavaliers. Today’s corps boasts 150 performing members selected from an audition process that spans the course of several months. Maintaining a diverse membership, performers join the corps from across the globe each year. The 2014 membership of the Madison Scouts represents countries as far away as Japan as wells as 41 of the Continental United States.

Marching with the Madison Scouts is an dream for some and is an honor to work with over the DCI summer months and can't be explained through words what these guys go through with the blood, sweat, tears and the sacrifices it takes to put together and incredible 15 minute DCI show. Being a Madison Scout is not about the size of your body, your bank account, or the things you own nor can it cannot be tallied up or entered into a spreadsheet, it is about dedication and inspiration, to do what it is right and to strive to do more. The Men of Madison Scouts are members of a corp that dig deep into tradition and while honoring the past and reining in the future of what's to come.

The organization started as the Charlotte Drum Corps Association and throughout many trials and tribulations the corp turned itself the Carolina Crown Drum Corp that we know and love today. Carolina Crown then went on the win their first Drum Corps International (DCI) World Class Championship in 2013 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. In doing so, Carolina Crown became the first corps in DCI's 41-year history to win a championship in both divisions of the activity (having won the Division II Championship 20 years prior). The corps also set another DCI record by being the first corps in history to receive a perfect brass performance score on Finals night!

The audiences countrywide were shocked to no longer see the cream uniforms they had become familiar with over the prior 10 years and what became known as purplepantsband enter the field every night. With percussionists and "swing" brass players performing on tympani, concert bass drums and gongs spread around the field a beautifully written drill was brought to life by another extraordinary musical book. The use of narration during the beautiful ballad was one of the highlights of the show.

By the time the corps reached Indianapolis for World Championships the crowds were cheering and willing the corps to their eventually victory from the second they stepped out of the tunnel onto the field. Besides the Championship, other milestones reached included winning a total of 24 shows throughout the 2013 season (including a record-tying 14 in a row); recording an all-time high score of 98.3 on DCI Finals night; winning back-to-back visual performance trophies and placing first in overall General Effect, Music Effect, Music Analysis and Brass Performance (to win their 3rd Jim Ott Trophy in a row and 4th in the past 5 years)!

The Pride of McNeese
Marching Band

“The Pride of McNeese” Cowboy Marching Band is a time-honored organization right here in our home town of Lake Charles, LA. The Pride of McNeese comprises of students from over 30 different academic majors within McNeese state university. As the most visible MSU ensemble, the marching band performs for over 100,000 people each fall. “The Pride” continually combines fantastic spirit and quality musicianship for every performance opportunity. Members enjoy a wide range of experiences, including fast-paced rehearsals, close friendships, travel to away games, fun and excitement in the stands and a high standard of performance on the field.

The band produces three to four different halftime shows and a pregame show each season. In addition to performances on the turf in Cowboy Stadium, the full band and/or smaller pep bands make annual trips to other Southland Conference games, as well as to regional high schools for exhibition performances. If you are looking for a place where you can fit in, network with friends, live the college experience to the fullest and to have a lifetime of memories with an amazing band then look no further for the Cowboy Marching Band is the place for you.

In a grand ceremony on November 11, 2016, McNeese State University’s Pride of McNeese Marching Band received a prestigious invitation on Friday to the 2018 London New Year’s Day Parade and Festival. Former Lord Mayor of the City of Westminster and Senior Parade Patron Catherine Longworth and executive director of the parade Robert Bone traveled to the McNeese campus in person to present the official invitation to an audience of members that gathered at Tritico Theatre for the ceremony. Accepting the prestigious invitation on behalf of the Pride of McNeese Marching was President Philip Williams, Dr. Jay Jacobs, director of bands, and student band officers.

Participation in the 32nd London New Year’s Day Parade and Festival is by invitation only. A music program must be nominated to the selection committee by a previous participant or one of the Regional Directors of Music for consideration to receive an invitation. Then each fall, the Lord Mayoralty decides upon a select number of groups that it wishes to visit in the United States to extend an invitation to the parade. This year 16 American bands have been invited and only two are university marching bands with one of them being McNeese State University. This historic parade route includes Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall with a final arena adjacent to the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Over 650,000 spectators will line the parade route and over 350 million people will view the TV broadcast worldwide, according to Bone.

“This will be a tremendous educational opportunity for our students to travel abroad and a great honor to represent McNeese State University, the city of Lake Charles, the state of Louisiana and the United States on an international level,” said Jacobs. “Through a fundraising campaign, we will be attempting to assist the students in easing their individual financial commitment as much as possible,” explained Jacobs. “Our goal is to raise at least $160,000, which would reduce each student’s expenses by $1,000. Every donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated."

Marching Band Figurines

Marching band may come and go but the memories and lifetime friendships that you create are somethings that you never want to forget. As a 3D printed marching band figurine you will always be reminded of your time in marching band whether it be in DCI and/or from school. These 3D printed figurines are surely something you will never forget and something you can always cherish just like those fond memories of playing in the band. These 3D printed figurines make truly personal & thoughtful gifts for capturing those cherished moments in a very unique way.

Though the chosen DCI corp figurines mock-up version are not of the 2017 DCI year they do represent key moments of the corps or marching band life. From being key anniversary years, momentous occasions or never before trips that are surely worth wild to make you fall in love with marching band all over again, these are moments in marching band that should never be forgotten. Being in marching band is an honor and an amazing part of a person's life and for some those years in marching band are of some of the best memories they will ever have. Who wouldn't want to cherish those memories some way or another for everyone to see.