Graduation Figurines


After all those years of study, your day has come and it's graduation day! Thirteen years is a long time to wait to graduate from high school so a congratulations are in order so take a bow you deserve it. I’m sure you worked very hard. High school is tough these days, and it’s nearly impossible to sail through without tenacity and effort, especially if you are ambitious and have your sights set on future greatness of some kind. It's even more so when you adventure off to college for a few years and try to manage everything at different paces.

Graduation may be over in a flash but finally receiving your diploma is something you differently don't want to forget. As a 3D printed figurine you will always be holding on to your diploma, always cherishing the one thing you've worked your whole life to getting. These 3D printed figurines are surely something you will never forget and something you can always hold on to forever no matter where you go. That's why 3D printed figurines make for truly personal & thoughtful gifts for capturing those important moments of life such as graduation ceremonies, weddings and professional achievements in a truly unique way.

Every year proud parents spend fortunes on photos of their graduating children, from high school and/or college only to find the perfect picture worthy of displaying to the public just like how 3D scanners capture pictures to use to create the perfect moment in your child's life as a 3D printed figurine. The great thing about graduating is that the schools and universities really take the time to plan ahead and give the students enough time to make sure all the graduation clothing and accessories are in before graduation starts which works out perfect for us for when it comes to 3D scanning.

Graduation Gifts

Now we know that not everyone wants a 3D printed figurine of themselves and we understand that. Yet there are those family members that get different gifts to commemorate your time well spent in high school or college. From graduation thank you cards to a pat on the back to sincere and thoughtful gifts there's nothing quite like getting gifts for graduation. Whether they be quirky or sincere there's always a gift whether it be 3D printed or not perfect for any celebration. But who could resist a 3D printed penguin in a graduation cap and gown with a perfect quirky phase to commemorate your education?

After all those years of study, your day has come and it's graduation day from middle school! Graduating from middle school to high school is a big step and shouldn't be taken lightly. Just like graduating from the fifth grade elementary school to middle school in the United States. They sure do make for a nice collection at the end of this all.

Graduating from a Program

Graduating from school is one thing but graduating from a program or an academy is another thing in itself. We have seen very few of these 3D printed figurines for firefighters, police officers and soldiers in the Armed Forces. This idea of getting or receiving a 3D printed figurine after you graduate from the academy or program is a very interesting one especially for those that keep the 3D printed figurines in the office and showcase them off to everyone. For some it is a reminder of what they looked like after they have fallen and even gives a nice touching with a salute to really show their love to some people. We have even seen some 3D printed dog figurines or statues for some that go with the officer as their K-9 buddy and some that have just graduated from the K-9 academy and to commemorate the occasion have gotten a 3D printed figurine/statue. It's a nice touch for some officers to show off their bond for one other and adds another level of friendship to showcase your buddy as a 3D printed figurine.