Memorial Day Weekend
Figurines Edition 2018

The very first official Memorial Day was 150 years ago. In 1868, Commander in Chief John A. Logan of the grand Army of the Republic issued what was called General Order Number 11, designating May 30 as a memorial day. To this day we take pleasure in commemorating the men and women that have serve this great country.

So this year we wanted to pay a little respect and homage to the men and women that serve this great country and give back something back to them for their service for protecting the country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We like to look back and reflect on the great accomplishments and losses that have occurred over that time. For this is a dedication post for all those that have served in the all branches of the armed forces.

Weight Of The Nation

It's Memorial Day weekend and the American flag sways in the wind this weekend for all to see. Filled with barbecue and memorial day parades, this holiday is a remembrance day for the men and women who have served and died in the Armed Forces. As Memorial Day weekend approaches, many Americans get ready for the parades and the barbecue but for many other Americans such as enlisted soldiers and veterans they pay homage to their fallen comrades and celebrate Memorial Day differently by proudly display a small American flag over there final resting place. These tiny 6in American flags have become a staple for Memorial Day and 4th of July traditions and the centerpiece for our 3D printed figurines.

For the rest of the people that celebrate Memorial Day a little bit differently, parades are a big deal for some and it's an even bigger deal for the official American flag-bearer to start the parade. If you have ever walked holding a official 8ft long American Flag pole then you know it's not an easy task to carry. For some to hold the American Flag and start the parades it's an even bigger honor but for some parades the American flag is seen through out the parades proudly displayed by many proud Americans from various enlistment times and different armed forces.

We have created a couple of proud and great looking sandstone figurines but we think that these figurines are our best yet. Standing at a tall 6 inches, these figurines are our proud veterans in official uniform in a carrying flag-bearer pose. Which is the perfect pose for displaying the small American flag that you should be given in honor of your fall veteran. There are so many ways to proudly showoff your respect for the fallen veterans on Memorial Day and we think this is the perfect way to showcase it. Though we don't have the figurine to display a proper image of the sandstone figurine the idea and importance of the figurine still stands as a memento piece for your Memorial Day decorations. It's a significant part of something that we hope to one day properly have at the ready for these post to really show off our creativeness.

Saluting Soldiers

To continue on the subject with honoring American soldiers, we can not say enough on how thank full we are and even getting a 3D printed memento of your time in the armed forces is no where near the amount of the appreciation that y'all should be receiving. For some the position of the flag-bearer may not be suited for everyone but still want an iconic piece to remember their time in the armed forces. There's two versions of the this iconic pose, one at the beginning of your time in the Armed Forces and one as you are leaving to properly remind you of your due diligence.

The salute stance is quite popular and showcases the true american hero you are but there's still some that still go the tradition route and there's nothing wrong with that. These figurines are great for those that want to proudly display them on their mantle during the seasons or in the den along with all the other mementos that you have gathered throughout your life. Nevertheless these full color sandstone figurines are really quite special and definitely a memento worth displaying and hopefully something that becomes of a tradition to continue forth.