Wedding Cake Toppers

Weddings are kind of a big deal, from the massive amounts of planning to the dress rehearsal to the actual ceremony, you don't want anything to go wrong. You want to cherish your special day forever. Planning is a huge tasks in itself and you don't want to miss a single detail from the seating arrangements to the table toppers to flowers and to the food.

Lastly can't forget the cake, everybody loves cake! It's a huge tradition for the bride and groom to cut the cake. You can go generic and go for regular bride and groom wedding cake toppers but we think you should get 3D printed wedding cake toppers!

The Perfect Wedding Cake Topper

For the perfect wedding cake topper it would make more sense for the two love birds to be together striking a pose but we know that it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding for traditional weddings. There are two types of 3D scanning platforms that offer two different methods for 3D scanning ways. One particular way we prefer to 3d scan is with a handheld 3D scanner, it's portable which makes it really easy to meet your and our needs.

We can meet up with the bride and groom and each get 3D scanned separate without ever seeing each other. The other way is to schedule an appointment or two and meet up at a 3D scanning booth that's big enough to accommodate up to two people. 3D scanning booths are the fastest way to 3D scan someone but in our opinion they are more prone to have 3D scanning errors. But really it's all up to the bride on how she wants the 3D printed wedding cake topper to look like either way of 3D scanning will come out the same way.

There are some application online that tell of a different way of producing 3D versions of the two love birds for their wedding day in forms of a wedding cake toppers. There's one that we saw that is a bobble head version of the bride and groom. They are pretty good version of the bride and groom once you send a bunch of pictures in of your face from different angles.

For the most part though the head has a bigger ratio to the body then regular proportioning, it turns out to be a little whimsical version of the bride and groom. If you are into that whimsical things then you should totally get a bobble head version for wedding cake topper but nevertheless they are always pretty cool to see whenever they pop up on the internet.

The last version that we see a lot that always pops up all over the internet is regular generic version of bride and groom in mock up version of a few suits and a few dresses and just like the bobble head version you have to take a bunch of pictures of your face from different angles and send them in. The only downside to this is they only have a few generic suits and dresses. I mean you spend all that money to have the perfect dress and the perfect suit and they only have a few generic suits and dresses to choose from. Yet after everything that can be done to make a 3D printed wedding cake topper from 3D scanning, to making sure you get your wedding cake topper on time and without any mistake sometimes it's better to do less then rather to go all out.