Star Wars – May The 4th

The Last Jedi

From learning the ways of the Force to bringing the balance to the Force, Luke Skywalker is the man with a plan and from the looks of it seems as though it could be the end for the Jedi as we know it in the Star Wars Cinematic Universe. After playing "Where's Waldo" with Luke in the vast Star Wars Universe Rey finally gets a one on one with her idol and all hope is lost upon meeting him. We can see why, especially after being alone on a secluded unknown island long enough to grow a beard and start wearing white clothes all year around, even after labor day while moping around about how your nephew wants to take over the "universe" in your house slippers. Come on Luke get your stuff together you still have another two rumored Star Wars movies to film. Not much is officially known of what has happened to Luke with his Jedi powers or his views of the Jedi while on the island but from the look of the new Star Wars Episode VIII trailer its going to be amazing!

From the looks of the new Star Wars Episode VIII trailer it looks as though this could be the end of the Jedi as we know it and that Luke has started down a dark path that could spell trouble for everyone. The Last Jedi has been confirmed that the Jedi is singular and is referring to Luke Skywalker. Though this movie is about the new generation of characters in the Star Wars Cinematic Universe it seems as though it might hint at more doing about Luke than we are meant to believe.

Luke Skywalker

There's a lot of secrecy that surrounds Luke in Star Wars Episode VII that continues into Star Wars Episode VIII. Secrets can never be a good thing nor running away from them and dealing with them by yourself on a secluded island. There's so much that happened in between Episode VI and Episode VII that we need a better back story even for the incident that happened at the Jedi Temple between Luke and Ben Solo. If Luke can feel a disturbance in the Force does he know what Kylo Ren did to Han and does that he's going to take revenge on the one that brought him all this pain?? There's so much with the red lettering with what's going on and with the trailer that it might seem as though Luke may need Rey's hand to bring him back from the dark path he is on or does he deserve the redemption?

Giving A Hand For Luke

In Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, Luke gets his hand cut off with Darth Vader lightsaber and then later in the movie gets a new bionic hand. Though we aren't that technologically advance as Star Wars to offer realistic bionic hands we are however able to offer various 3D printed hands. E-Nable is an amazing group of individuals from all over the world who are use their 3D printers to create 3D printed hands and arms for those in need of an upper limb assistive device.

Lately we have gotten into ColorFabb's new metal filament and their Steelfill has caught our eye for 3D printing a robotic hand and we really think that Luke's robotic hand would be a perfect fit for testing this new filament out. E-Nables basic design of the Raptor Reloaded would need to be upgraded just a bit more to make it look more resembling of that of Luke's but it's totally achievable and definitely worth doing correctly. If the upgrading of the new look doesn't necessary work you can always with the original idea and do some post processing on the 3D printed hand like sanding it down, give it a nice polish and a wash afterward to make it look like it's been through a bit of wear and tear.

Luke's Lightsaber

Last December we made another post talking about the Star Wars Rebel Alliance and covered alot in the post and even talked about 3D printing lightsaber and doing an intensive post production work on the lightsaber to really give it an authentic look to it but like we said we are into ColorFabb's new metal filament and it's totally the perfect thing to use to bring a new look to lightsabers instead of giving an intensive post production work to it but that doesn't mean that we won't give it a post production work over. Just a bit of sanding and some polishing in the rock tumbler and with a bit of super glue and time you can have a 3D printed lightsaber that literally is out of this world and one of a kind. But the question remains to you want to 3D print Luke Skywalker's lightsaber or do you want to go a different route and build your own??

We are more than fine with 3D printing Luke Skywalkers lightsaber but what we really want to 3D print and have as a one of a kind lightsaber would be Ben Solo's (AKA Kylo Ren's) lightsaber before he turned to the dark side. It's a new lightsaber one that we haven't seen yet and that's going to resemble Ben at a different time and going to have his own flair. Then there's the obvious question to ask, is Rey going to be getting her own lightsaber or are she just going to be using Luke's lightsaber until she gets her right hand chopped off and loses the lightsaber once again. We don't know but we need to find out it out so we can get to 3D printing it and really show it off for everyone to see.