Pirates Of The Caribbean

It’s nothing quite like Talk Like A Pirate Day to really bring out the pirate in you and to top this year off it's also the 15th anniversary of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with witty Captain Jack and his crew aboard The Black Pearl. For this special Talk Like A Pirate Day we are digging up all the treasures a pirate would ever want and then some.

Heart's Desire

What’s the number one thing a Pirate cherishes the most? His compass and without it him and the crew are lost. If you follow the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise you know that Jack's compass is quite a special compass. It shows you what you want most in life and if you want to know where you heart points to then you can head on over to jlaak's Thingiverse page here and 3D print Jack's special compass though it may not always work as intended. Nevertheless this is the most valuable piece a pirate would ever need and want and now it can be yours just don't end up trading it or losing it because without it you are stuck at sea.

For those that cherish more than a compass and fancy an adventure you can always travel the world and search for some real treasure. A fool's gold is what some people call it for those that dare to venture to any cursed island and get past the traps but what waits for you on the other side is quite a spectate to see it's even more of a thrill and adventure to make it out alive with the treasure.

Aztec gold is the rarest gold of them all, they drive even the best pirates mad looking for them. Luckily in your case you don't have to venture to the cursed islands and make it back alive. If you check out Cyclone on Thingiverse here you can download and 3D print the Aztec coin in metal filament or do your best to cast it and get a true gold Aztec coin. Now that you have your heading and what you want most in life all you need now is a ship, hopefully getting a ship to traverse the seas shouldn't be that difficult to find.

The Black Pearl

If a Benchy isn't your style you can always go ahead and check out rodolphehoareau and see if you have what it takes to 3D print the Black Pearl from the the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. The 3D model up on SketchFab is absolutely amazing and is a beast for any 3D printing hobbyist to take on but for those willing to take on this adventure we wonder what other adventures they would be willing to take.