Star Trek 50th Anniversary

In honor of their 50th anniversary

“Space, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise, her mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.” ~ Captain Kirk.

Science fiction has often been an inspiration for people who want to design and develop new products. If you look back on the past 50 years of Star Trek most of our inventions or ideas came from one episode or another. From phones to medical devices to creating objects at a push of a button there's nothing that we haven't expanded on from Star Trek in one way or another.

Look at the communicator they used 50 years ago compared to the flip phones we have today. Just think of the iPad that came out back in 2010 it was Apple's first ever touch screen tablet with a ton of features that kicked started an entirely new product that's still going to this day. Ever wonder where they got the idea from? Well if you don't know you might want to check out the PADD used in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Or maybe our favorite, the Replicator from Star Trek, with the ability of "replicating" or "duplicating" technology within reason. Hmm I wonder where Makerbot got the idea for the 3D printer the Replicator from?

Now you are probably thinking to yourself "Ohhh Myyy" how have I not thought out of this before. There's so much Star Trek has done for us in the past 50 years that we just don't know where we would be without them.

USS Enterprise NCC 1701

Thanks to three Berkeley graduates who founded Eucl3D you too can have your very own version of the Starship Enterprise. Eucl3D is a digital-to-print service aimed squarely at gamers and for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek players of the popular MMORPG Star Trek Online, Eucl3D is now offering a huge range of fully licensed 3D printed models of Star Trek spacecraft along side the help with Cryptic Studios, Perfect World, and CBS.

The gamer-oriented 3D printing company, Eucl3D, has been granted permission by the franchise to launch an in-game printing service for Star Trek Online, giving fans the chance to order physical versions of the USS Enterprise, Defiant, or whatever ship they happen to command (or admire) in the MMORPG. Pricing hasn’t been confirmed for the new service but that shouldn't stop any one of us from getting a 30cm replica that we can proudly display or use to fly around the office while making warp engine sound effects.

“Whether it is a Federation Cruiser, a Klingon Bird of Prey, or a Romulan Warbird, create a fleet of real life replicas comprised of your favorite ships from Star Trek Online, complete with your customized styles, patterns, colors and more,” Eucl3D states on its website. “From inside Star Trek Online you can order ANY of your favorite spacecraft to be shipped to your door wherever you are on the globe. Every ship is created in U.S.A. using the latest in full-color 3D printing.”


Communicating to Scotty is top priority especially when you are in trouble and you need to get out of wherever you are pretty quick. Everyone in the Star Trek universe rely on several things to functions and not to break done, communication is of the utmost priority. Every Star Trek member has a communicator it's part of the uniform.

Thanks to Adafruit, we now have a full DIY 3D printable Star Trek communicator from the Original Series. Communicating between your fellow crew mates is routine upon our society just don't be expecting one of them to "beam you up." Sadly the full DIY 3D printable Star Trek communicator only gives you the access to talk to one other and not any other features from the Original Series. But who would that stop from wanting a 3D Printed Star Trek communicator? You can check out the full DIY 3D printable Star Trek communicator on Adafruit's website.
Though the thought of "beaming" someone from one location to another is all hypothetical, it's still fun to imagine that we can do that. "Beaming" is probably the only thing that we can't replicate from the series and will sadly have to wait awhile for that to come into our lives so sorry Scotty don't beam me up just yet.

Warp Speed

Even with "beaming" out of the question there are still some hypothetical movie magic scenario's that can still be applied to today's physics. Warp Speed is the ability to travel at light speed and thanks to the Warp Core when it is primed and ready the Enterprise and other ships can reach maximum Warp Speed and travel great distances in an instant.

The pictures down below are of the Warp Core from the Enterprise from the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series. This 3D printable Warp Core was created by Michael Bowers, who is a freelance designer based out in Seattle and is a huge Star Trek fan just as much as we are. This DIY project for creating a table lamp of the Warp Core from The Next Generation is perfect for any Star Trek fan from back in the day. With a little bit of lights and a little bit of assembly these components sure do come together to create one perfect looking Warp Core.

Michael Bowers has stated that "It was designed to print in modular pieces without support. Print your Warp Core Table Lamp to be as tall as you'd like! This lamp adds a hypnotic sci-fi touch to any room. Geordi would love it." He has even gone ahead and shared all the files you would need to print out your very own Warp Core lamp on Thingiverse and with instructions on how to wire the LED's.

It won't be long now until our entire space ships are 3D printed in some aspect or another. Even NASA has gone ahead and started using 3D printers to create parts for space travel. Almost a year, they tested out various parts for a 3D printed engine and put all the parts together and gave it a test drive which performed beautifully. That's only the first step, can you imagine in the next 10 years or even the next 20 years or so on how this 3D printed engine is going to affect space travel?? Star Trek has done for much in the past 50 years that there is no possible way to fully thank them but in lieu of what they have done we thank them to the best of our ability.

“Live Long and Prosper” ~ Spock