With Rogue One coming out tomorrow and being the first of many new Star Wars movies set to come out in the near future in the anthology collection, there's no doubt in our minds that it will hit a home run at the box office like when Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out a year ago and destroyed just about every box office record in the world.

With Star Wars Episode 8 set to come out next year in December it seems as though the month of December is Disney's favorite month to release Star Wars movies and with many more movies set to come out in Star Wars cinematic universe it seems there's no stopping them so we are dedicating this month to Star Wars but that doesn't mean we won't forget about May the Fourth.

Rogue One

For those who don't know the synopsis or the plot for Rogue One it tells the story of the small band of rebels that were tasked with stealing the plans to the first Death Star. With Darth Vader making an appearance and causing all kinds of destruction in the galaxy with the recent creation of the Death Star you just know it's going to be a movie worth watching.

3D Printing The Death Star

Building a 1:1 scale replica of the Death Star is completely ridiculous and if we were to even think about 3D printing the Death Star at a 1:1 scale it would take nearly 97,740,000,000,000,000 kg worth of ABS filament. That’s ninety-seven quadrillion, seven hundred forty trillion kilograms and in pounds that would be closer to two hundred quadrillion pounds worth of ABS filament.

Now another interesting question that needs to be answer is how long would 3D printing the entire Death Star at a 1:1 scale. Most desktop 3D printers print on average speed and average detailing between 20 to 27 mm3/s. With that in mind it would be around 119,572,000,000,000 years to complete the 3D printed Death Star hopefully without any mistakes and no significant errors, we would hate it if we had to start all over again because of 3D printing error.

Now the only way we are ever going to 3D print an actual Death Star is if we have actually have a 3D printer big enough to 3D print it. It's just we have nothing close to getting a 3D printer ready in our lifetime with those realistic numbers up above. Luckily the California big-scale 3D printer manufacturers ErectorBot have one big enough to a Death Star 2 meters tall. It's actually their largest 3D printer in Europe and they placed it in downtown Madrid, Spain in the Puerta de Alcalá square for all to see.

They are more than halfway to the top now and should finish the Death Star by the end of the weekend since it's initial debut on December 4th. You can follow the progress of the printing job on the Death Star Mission website and keep up with the hashtag #DeathStarMission on Twitter.

The Force Awakens

This beloved franchise got new life thanks to this movie and made people fall in love with Star Wars all over again and just about every box office record in the world was destroyed thanks to this movie. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens came out a year ago and it surely didn’t take long for the cosplay props to show up especially for Rey and her now iconic staff and blaster. These two amazing prints are perfect for anyone looking to cosplay as the newest Jedi on the block.

Rey's Staff and Blaster

The designer used a ton of reference pictures, so it looks almost identical to the real thing. The staff is a much bigger project that will require a bit of leather work and parts that can be picked up from any hardware store. If you want to know about the designer and how all the parts came together and more head over to his Thingiverse page here

For any 3D printed cosplay part they have to look and feel as natural as possible. With Rey's staff being almost identical to the real thing the only thing left to do is make it look the same. Yes after all the leather and fabric work and looks similar to the one in the picture there's still the aging process that needs to be done to it. We don't know how long Rey has had the staff but living on Jakku you can bet that the staff had to be weathered and aged a lot.

Anything given to you from Han Solo is a treasured piece and definitely a piece worth 3D printing. So you can imagine the excitement we got when someone upload Rey's blaster to the internet. It's not a perfect replica but don't let that stop you from completing your cosplay for the convention.

The blaster pistol was designed with a hollow center that can be filled with LED lighting parts or a sound board. With a little bit more ingenuity and using the hollow center you can really make this blaster come to life and do some damage to those Stormtroopers. There are pictures and more item details on the creators MyMiniFactory page.

The Millennium Falcon

It’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs! This infamous Millennium Falcon is one of the most impressive Star Wars 3D prints we’ve ever seen and the most dedicated Star Wars piece too. With a staggering 800 hours modeling a highly intricate 1:34 scale replica and consisting of 236 3D printable parts with at least 3 spools of filament to 3D print and can take up to 2-3 months just for 3D printing.

This project is an ambitious project to take on and is a serious project mostly for committed makers only. That's why Gambody, a 3D printing marketplace for gamers, is selling a 3D printable model of the Millennium Falcon—the iconic spacecraft piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca in the Star Wars franchise—for $74.99 and it's definitely worth it's value to anybody who wants this in their collection.

Despite its rather long build time though, this 3D printable Millennium Falcon has no part larger than a small print bed which makes it perfect for makers with 3D printing on small desktop 3D printers. The only downside to this Millennium Falcon is that the top and bottom hulls only consist of 176 parts (only 176 parts) with additional external elements making up another 60 parts. But by 3D printing only the shell, 3D printing and assembly time can be reduced significantly and still make for an amazing Star Wars piece.

Just have to give a big thanks to the Star Wars community for approving the sketches that consisted of the it's exterior detailing, it's secret compartments, a cockpit, engine departments, and wiring and ventilation systems and for making this Millennium Falcon as perfect as it could get. Not ready to take on this massive project we wouldn't blame you with taking up to 4 months to build and that's without post processing, can you only imagine detailing the Millennium Falcon?

Resistance Fighters X-Wings

If you've ever seen Star Wars then you know it's a pretty awesome feeling being inside a Star Wars X-Wing fighter flying around with sound effects and all while taking down some TIE fighters. All the aerial combats with those twists and turns really make for an action packed thrill ride that is worth being in.

The guys at Corridor Digital thought it was time for them to do a Star Wars video and what better way than with a X-Wing Fighter and a couple of TIE Fighters in a aerial combat scene and so the Star Wars dogfight scene captured the very essence of the X-Wing Fighters and we even covered the story within our Drone Racing post that you can go here to read up on the story.

All the crazy flying footage was actually captured by a couple of drones but the most impressive part was actually the X-Winger Fighter it was 3D printed to look like the inside of cockpit of X-Wing Fighter and there's not a lot of material to go off of so you can imagine our reaction when they showed this piece.

This isn't the first time someone made a replica of an X-Wing Fighter nor will it be the last. There are even some dedicated fans that have taken the time to create the most realistic starships and put hours upon hours of detailing to get the perfect replica. You can find tons of 3D models up on any major 3D printing website like Thingiverse, Pinshape and MyMiniFactory for anything Star Wars related.

3D Printing Jedi Lightsabers

Getting a lightsaber is as easy as pressing the start button to start a 3D print and waiting a few hours but becoming a Jedi and using a lightsaber as intended is a completely different story in a galaxy far far away. The trick is to make it look authentic and not have the 3D printing lines from the 3D printer still left on the model. The post processing that went into making this lightsaber is absolutely amazing and if you were to put a movie prop lightsaber and this prop side by side you can bet we couldn't tell the difference between the two.

Redicubricks did an amazing job creating this lightsaber and did an even better job for creating a video for all to learn from it. You can check out the full gallery of the 3D printed lightsabers at Redicubricks website here.

3D Printing Droids

These are the droids you are looking for! The ones you have been searching for for the longest of time and now they are all in place ready to be 3D printed. When Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out a year ago BB8 was the cutest and lovable thing about the entire movie since then BB8's love has diminished just like the movie but hopefully K2SO can help with that and become an icon character in the process.

K2S0 & BB8

While there hasn't been much of anything for 3D printing K2S0 besides this one 3D model on Thingiverse from the new Star Wars Rogue One movie this isn't stopping Disney from making toys and advertising him. Who couldn't love the person who played Hoban 'Wash' Washburne in Firefly, it's Alan Tudyk, he's absolutely amazing and we hope that K2S0 becomes an instant classic character like BB8.

It may have been all about Rey and her story but BB8 is the only reason that movie got to where it was at. If he never did what he had to do (spoiler alert reasons) to finish his mission then the movie would have ended at the very beginning. He is one of the most beloved androids now and one of the most 3D printed ones too. 3D printed in two parts in white and orange or colored to resembled him, this cute little droid is one nobody will forget especially with 3D printing.

C3PO & R2D2

It's hard to believe that these two actors have played the same characters in the same outfit for 30+ years. These best buddies are two peas in a pod and are inseparable even for 30+ years and that even applies when it comes to 3D printing them. Back then it wasn't easy to get the stuff for and make the cosplay for C3PO and R2D2 like it is nowadays all you need is a 3D printer and a bunch of filament.

Now 3D printing a full size C3PO and R2D2 isn't unheard of but it isn't seen that much the majority of C3PO and R2D2 3D prints that we see are of miniaturized versions. Anthony Daniels, the actor of C3PO, wore a entire 3D printed suit for The Force Awakens despite wearing the traditional suit. If you want to go ahead and build a full 1:1 scale replica of R2D2 then you are in luck for Briton James Bruton, the head of built R2D2 a while back and put up all the CAD files for a full-sized version of R2-D2 of Star Wars from his website here.