Celebrating Star Fox 25th Anniversary

On March 26th 1993 Nintendo released StarFox on the Super Nintendo the first game in the Star Fox series, the Star Fox series follows Fox McCloud and the rest of the Star Fox team defending their homeworld of Corneria against the attacking forces of Andross. StarFox was Nintendo's first game to use polygonal graphics. It accomplished this by being the first ever game to use the Super FX graphics acceleration co-processor powered GSU-1. Thanks to the complex display of three-dimensional models with polygons it brought new games to life and sparked a whole new generation of games to come out on the Super Nintendo and even sparked a sequel for Star Fox, Star Fox 2. Nintendo has done wonders in the bringing games to life, now let's see what we can bring to life for Star Fox's 25th anniversary of being released in the United States.


Piloting an Arwing is classic Star Fox, it felt as if the missions were evolving, and that these routes through the Lylat System were being somehow explored. Taking control, flicking between the three viewpoints (Cockpit, Approach or Standard), was wonderfully immersive. With constant radio chatter from wingmen Slippy, Peppy and Falco making the action feel more immediate and chaotic, giving a true sense of being a squadron leader. Thanks to 3D printing we can finally experience the true feeling of flying around in an Arwing and be the squadron leader we were always born to be and experience StarFox for what it was meant to be.

Chris Caplan on MyMiniFactory created tiny 3D printable StarFox Arwing starfighters and Wolfen starfighters for his page and this 11 model part is a pretty great model part piece to have. There's some out there that dislike the art of low-polygon but these very minimalistic and tiny starfighters are absolutely amazing once 3D printed with the right filament color.

We have to give it up to Chris for if it wasn't for his model and adding some post production and weathering look we would have never gotten these weathered beauties. For being something so tiny and low-polygon this definitely came out looking pretty great. Now if you don't have all the different color filaments to 3D print you can always paint them their respective colors during the post production process and still have your model come close to looking like the ones with post production here. If you want to check out even more pictures about the 3D printable tiny Arwing you can check them out at Imgur's page here.

Now all you have to do is 3D print the Wolfen starfighter from Chris Caplan MyMiniFactory page and put the same post production process on it as you did on the Arwing's. Next, give it to your little cousin or your other family member and pretend to be in the StarFox series and go have some fun outside and really enjoy the art of 3D printing starfighters.


We know that cosplaying isn't complete without the necessary essentials and there are two essential cosplay parts you need to have in order to pull off the Star Fox look. There's the two iconic cosplay parts, the Fox's blaster and his reflector, you can go buy them online at any retailer market but for those who really want to bring it to the next level and really embrace your love for StarFox, you can always 3D print them and add your very own custom look and feel to the parts.

This 5 piece set of Fox's blaster is definitely worth the full day of 3D printing so that you too can have yourself your very own StarFox blaster from the series. With a couple of more hours you can have yourself a fully painting and fully weaponized Blaster perfect for any convention you are going to. You can find the files and all what Bonvarlet Brice had to say about 3D printing Fox's Blaster on MyMiniFactory Gun and maybe take the time this weekend to 3D print it for the 25th anniversary of the release of the Star Fox series.

Now the second thing of Fox's that's a must have for any cosplay part is Fox's iconic reflector. Nick van Doorn A.K.A. "Daesgrith" on Thingiverse, 3D modeled and 3D printed out Fox's reflector and did a great job at painting it. Nick modeled the reflector after images from Super Smash Bros. for Wii-U which is the perfect way to use images from Super Smash Bros. If you have the spare time after 3D printing all the rest of the StarFox's parts you can always turn on the 3D printer for 5 hours and have it 3D print this reflector at 0.1mm layer height with 15% infill using PLA just don't forget to give it it's reflective powers and acrylic paint cover to really give it that one of a kind reflector look.