DC Hero Month 2018

Wonder Woman Day 2018

Celebrate with the Amazon Warrior this year as we celebrate over 75 years of epic stories with 3D printing this year for Wonder Woman Day. The hero first debuted in 1941's All-Star Comics No. 8. In addition to the release of her first solo movie, June 2017 also marked the 75th anniversary of the first solo Wonder Woman comic book. Since then Princess Diana has been through a lot over the last 75 plus years and now with the DC cinematic universe we are getting a new glimpse into the life of Princess Diana. Follow us and Princess Diana as we reveal her prized relics from her life in the DC cinematic universe and from over 75 years in life in the DC comics.

The entire Wonder Woman attire has been through a lot and has changed over the last 75 years. From the famed golden bracelets and a new brand new design of the chest piece, it seems as though the cinematic version has been getting more attention than any thanks to the efforts of 3D printing and cosplay. Though not made exactly how they were during the World War two era, the chest piece and the golden bracelets nowadays are being carefully crafted and worn by hero's of all kind that show their love for Wonder Woman for all that she has done over the past 75 plus years.

Wonder Woman hasn't always used her good looks and charms to always get what she wants but she does use her tenacity and her Amazonian spirit to fight for what she believed to be right and fare and it never hurted her to have a shiny god killing sword by her side either. Princess Diana always knew when to pick a fight and how to resolve that issue. Now with 3D printing, you can fight too for what you believe to be right and fare and though a real shiny god killing sword is hard to come by these days you can always check out DO3D.com for the 3D model of the god killing sword from the Wonder Woman movie and comic book version here.

Princess Diana's shiny god killing sword isn't the only thing that she travels with her when she traverses the globe. Her famous tiara and shield are always there by her side whenever she needs them the most. No really they are always there, I mean whenever she turns around to turn into Wonder Woman, there she goes with just pulling out her tiara, golden bracelets, chest piece, shiny god killing sword and her massive shield. Well thank god that DO3D.com has you covered for all your Wonder Woman hidden Amazonian battle armor regalia because I just don't know where they would all come from if it wasn't from them. You can check out the fully 3D printable Wonder Woman full Amazonian battle armor at DO3D.com here.

Superman Day 2018

Superman has been an icon representing heroism ever since the beginning back in 1933. Since then, he has appeared in comic books, movies, TV series, and cartoons. Superman is one of the first superheroes to have really dominated American culture. Especially for being a character out of this world, he is surely loved by millions of people around the world and who would consider themselves to be fans of Superman, in one way or another and they would definitely not want to lose him.

DC Entertainment declared June 12th as Superman Day in 2013 to honor the creation of the world's most famous superhero, just two days before the release of the movie "Man of Steel." Though Henry Cavill portrayed Superman in the "Man of Steel" movie, Christopher Reeves portrayed the very first Superman in his movie back in 1978. Which for a lot of people that watched that film it took up a huge chunk of our lives and made up stand up for what we believe is the best within us, hope and the movies still do that that till this day.

Though there isn't much 3D printable Superman models out there to 3D print besides the Superman cookie cutter there is one 3D model that stood out from the rest and it is the 3D model of Superman portrayed by Christopher Reeves that Peter Mitchell design in used Sculptris and Zbrush. Peter want to go with an iconic and statuesque look for Superman and he came upon creating this "flying" version of Superman in a bronze-like effect, using acrylic paints. The bronze effect mixed in with the "flying" pose really make this a perfect 3D model to have in anyone's collection and a really great statue overall.

Let's Not Forget About Batman!

Though Batman is usually seen together with Wonder Woman and Superman this isn't a direct tie in with him. This post is soley dedicated to Wonder Woman and Superman but if you want to know a little bit of Batman you can check out the entire cosplay post that we wrote for Batman last year for National Batman Day, here!

This amazing and outrageous 3D printed Batman cosplay has even go on to not only get one Guinness World records but two Guinness World records for his 3D printed Batman cosplay. Thanks to Order 66 Creatures and Effects out of Galway, Ireland, Julian Checkley will go down as the one who built the ultimate Batman suit and didn't make it cost that much that only a billionaire could buy.