Avengers: Infinity War


Let's get it out of the way! YES, we saw Avengers Infinity Wars, who hasn't!? Are we going to spoil anything for you guys? Thanos demands your silences so absolutely not we wouldn't want to make him mad, but are we going to talk about it and say how amazing it was!? You betcha! The one thing that we need to do is add 3D printing into this hype because what's a 3D printing company talking Avengers Infinity War without talking about 3D printing, right??


Avengers Infinity Wars is the accumulation of 10 years and 18 movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we are still in awe from watching that movie. Over the past 10 years we have seen so many amazing 3D printed pieces come from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). It started with Tony Stark showboating as Tony Stark would and eventually leading to the creation on the Iron Man in a cave with a box of scraps and then basically forming the MCU and now he put the MCU on road that will forever be changed.

Since the creation of the MCU many Iron Man suits have made their way into the world of 3D printing cosplay and with the DIY aspects that come from 3D printing many have gone on to create suits entirely for themselves. Many of the Iron Man suits blueprints have made their way onto the internet on various websites and thanks to the internet now you too have you very own 3D printed personal Iron Man fully equipped and all.

Tony may have brought the Avengers together but he was the not the first avenger. Though he is no longer a part of the Avengers team after the ramifications of Civil War it doesn't mean that we still don't love him or his shield. Captain America's shield is as iconic as Captain America himself. Though we can not have the true vibranium shield we can have an amazing 3D printed Captain America shield equipped with a custom "vibranium" paint job. If you want to have that 3D printed Captain America shield you can always check out the designer IronQ on Thingiverse for the 3D model or the new Captain America shield from Infinity War on

It may have "started" with Tony Stark in 2008 with Iron Man but where would we be if it weren't for the brotherly dynamic step brother duo Thor and Loki. Though Loki is the God of Mischief, it seems as though Thor from time to time he likes to create some mischief all his own, just look at what happened to Asgard at the end of Thor Ragnarok. Now with the destruction of his precious hammer Mjornir in Thor Ragnarok it seems as though the mischief might be over. But you still want to cause your own mischief and possess the power of Thor you can always pick up the model at the one we prefer on MyMiniFactory but there's several models scattered across the internet. Just don't forget to include that adopted evil brother of yours.

Speaking of which, the God of mischief himself have been quite popular with the fan base to even include various item from his ensemble. Not limited to the scepter from The Avengers and his reindeer horns that Tony kindly points out while reenacting Shakespeare in the park, aka his helmet. You can check out the scepter at Thingiverse by GlitchTech and Loki's reindeer horns on just make sure you don't get into too much trouble.

Stefanos Anagnostopoulos is the man behind the famous 3D model of the Ant-Man helmet that has been circling the internet since the Ant-Man movie came out. Stefanos challenged himself to design the entire thing in one single day, and he accomplished that goal by finishing it in just 10 hours flat. Could you imagine if he spent a couple days or a week on this 3D model?? The downside to this awesome 3D model is that it takes an incredible 50 plus hours to 3D print but once it's 3D printed and put together it looks amazing. You can check out the 3D model at MyMiniFactory and 3D print it yourself.

Next up we have the made up name with Doctor Strange and Eye of Agamotto which houses the Time Stone that he carries around his neck. As the protector of the Time Stone and the guardian of the Sanctum Sanctorum, Doctor Strange has to watch over some pretty powerful artifacts but none as powerful as the Time Stone. Thanks to Black Ram Industries, they have create the Eye of Agamotto and posted the 3D model up on Pinshape for everybody to 3D print. With a little bit of fine tuning and a "time stone" to place in the eye of it all you too can become the guardian of the Time Stone. Let's just hope that guardian can take care of the Time Stone and not let it slip into the hands of Thanos when Infinity Wars comes out.

Let's not forget about that Doctor Strange and Spiderman team-up in the Infinity War trailer. That team is probably going to be the next great thing to come out Infinity War maybe besides the Iron Spider suit. Though there hasn't been any official 3D printed suit related to the MCU version with Tom Holland, we can't ignore the official Tobey McGuire Spiderman suit that Yuri Schuurkes 3D printed and went viral on the internet. If you want to check out more of viral 3D printed Spiderman suit you can always go check out our Thr3D Prints post that he made for him last year here.

With Marvel's break out hit of 2018 with it's notable Black Panther movie that was there best movie to date, there was a lot of 3D printing that came from the movie. Most notable for the 3D model of the two Black Panther suits but as of late the white head piece of the queen has been getting all the fame lately for it's technique and designing skills. The majority of the absolutely amazing 3D printed Black Panther helmets to make their way across the internet have come from Do3D. Their 3D model of the Black Panther helmet is as close to the model as they could get and is absolutely perfect for cosplaying.


The Guardians of the Galaxy have added an element of laughter that we haven't quite seen until the movie came out. Chris Pratt as StarLord is the best person they could have gotten to play for him. With all the guardians showing off their unique personalities it's no wonder the movie made such an impact. Between all the guardians of the galaxy we are going to have to give it up for StarLord and his entire ensemble. Though Chris Pratt whit and quick remarks make him perfect for the role we have to give it up for his props.

StarLord's helmet and gun make this character come to life from the comics. Thanks to 3D printing and the ways of the internet anybody who's ever want these two and more can finally 3D print them. MyMiniFactory is the place to go for amazing 3D models and you can check out StarLord's gun here and you get the 3D model of his helmet here. Both of these models are absolutely amazing to have once they are all done and all fancied up and ready for any cosplay or galactic situation.

The best thing to come from Guardians of the Galaxy was at the very end when baby groot starts dancing at the end and Drax almost catches him dancing. For that same reason why it's the best thing to comes from that movie is also the same reason why everyone wants to have a baby groot. Thanks to the internet, there's various version of baby groot up on the net and you can view the best on here or if you prefer a dancing baby groot in a flower pot you can check it out on Thingiverse here.

By far the worst thing to come out of The Guardians of the Galaxy movies would have to be the Infinity Orb with the power stone inside it. With the Guardians of the Galaxy movie giving us a little tease compared to what's to come for the Infinity War movie. It's no surprise that a lot of people want to have this in their collection to have to protect the power stone from Thanos. Once this Infinity Orb is all nice and buffed up it looks movie ready and you probably couldn't even tell the difference between the two. If you want to add the Infinity Orb to your collection in hopes of keeping it out of Thanos' way you can visit Thingiverses' website here and go 3D print it and have with all your other Infinity Stone relics.