Raspberry Pi Tablet

This project is for any DIY beginners that has a weekend off and is willing to get their hands dirty and have fun with a Raspberry Pi while creating an awesome desktop. While the overall design is beginner we challenge everyone to come up with different levels of creations especially for those DIYers and hobbyist alike who want to build something worthy of a challenge.

The Raspberry Pi

This 3D printed Raspberry Pi Tablet is remarkably powerful and especially with the credit card sized Raspberry Pi board, it's the ultimately package for any DIY creator and hobbyist. This project shows the best of 3D printing especially for the Raspberry Pi even if you don't want to use it to monitoring and wirelessly controlling a 3D printer. While it's no match to the latest tablet you just bought it does have a fantastic platform that will give you access to more applications than that tablet. With numerous software for the Raspberry Pi at your disposal it's pretty easy to create your own custom application to do anything your mind can think of, within reasonable limit. From checking up on your cat or house to creating a personal server that you can control from anywhere on the globe, it's pretty hard not to want to create this 3D printed Raspberry Pi tablet.

Working with the official 7 inch touchscreen display from the Raspberry Pi Foundation is as easy as plugging it in and powering on the Raspberry Pi since the display driver's are already pre-loaded to work with the Raspberry Pi. To some, that might be all that is needed for this DIY but for the DIYers that want a bit more of a challenge we suggest on upgrading to give the tablet a complete different feel. We don't want to say exactly what that needs to be upgraded but feel that the overall size of the Raspberry Pi tablet might be a bit too big to be considered a tablet. This is where the challenge begins with making the overall size of the project smaller to be a reasonable tablet size, it doesn't stop there but that's where we would start. There's so much that can be done to upgrade this tablet, even with our imagination alone there's more that could be done to it that could make it so much better.

With only a small list of parts from Adafruit to complete this DIY, it's not only an easy DIY to complete but an affordable DIY to complete. You can purchase the 7 inch Raspberry Pi touchscreen display at a moments notice here. With a free weekend and with your imagination open for possibilities there's nothing you can't create with the Raspberry Pi. All models of the Raspberry Pi are compatible with the official Raspberry Pi 7inch touchscreen display. You can choose between the Raspberry Pi A+, Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi B+, and the newer versions of the Raspberry Pi with the Raspberry Pi 2 B and the Raspberry Pi 3 B. We like the newer version of the Raspberry Pi 3 B model, because newer is mostly always better and there's facts to back it up on the Raspberry Pi website. You can find the over view of how Adafruit put the entire project together on their website.

There are many aspect to creating a portable DIY Raspberry Pi tablet, one reason that everyone seems to enjoy the most is to use it for monitoring and wirelessly controlling a 3D printer, it's cheap and effective and definitely a fun board to tinker with for 3D printing. With 3D printing all the rage right now, it's no wonder why everyone wants to use it for 3D printing.

You can find the over view of how Adafruit put the entire project together on their website here