The Future of Fashion

It seems like every few weeks some kind of fashion company or design studio pulls out the next big thing and says this is going to change the fashion industry forever. Kniterate showcases that future with it's digital knitting machine and the power of knitting clothes and accessories. Though the end result might not be as glamorous or fancy as those from a famous clothes store but it still gives us a sense of what the future of fashion is going to be like. Kniterate is the future of fashion and is going to change the way we create clothes.

Kniterates technology is very similar to a sewing machine but with the concept of 3D printing in it. But instead of melting filament to the object it's using the "sewing" aspect and knitting the materials together to crest the object. Thanks to their knitting software and their digital knitting machine all you have to do is the knitting software upload the SD card and push the start button and watch as the machine begins to adds a new layer one on top of the other till the object is complete. Just imagine a sewing machine and a 3D printer combined and it formed a knitting machine, this is what it would look like. Kniterate brings a new level to custom design that we haven't seen just yet. Who would have thought that merging the concept 3D printer with the knitting aspect would give you such a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Campaign

According to the Kickstarter page, Kniterate hopes to bridge the gap between traditional home knitting machines which are cheaper but complicated and tricky to use, and more expensive industrial machines. That said, a single Kniterate costs $4,699 on Kickstarter, with only 125 units being offering through crowdfunding. And if you miss that, you’ll be stuck paying $7,499 at retail, which certainly stretches the price point for “consumer” a bit. Obviously, given the price and the fact that Kniterate is an extremely complex piece of hardware and software from a first time company, it’s worth doing your own research before putting up the cash. The first Kniterate units are expected to ship in April 2018.
Even if you don’t have much knitting experience, Kniterate promises to do all the heavy lifting by computerizing the vast majority of the process. All you have to do is create your design (either from scratch or using one of the provided templates), then let Kniterate knit it for you, either completing the entire garment or producing pieces that you can easily assemble. From there, you can wear, gift, or sell your creations, and share them online with the broader Kniterate community. If you want to check out their Kickstarter page and see how well they are doing and see all the different kinds of designs you can 3D knit you can visit their Kickstarter page here or you can check out what they got going with their website here.