Mardi Gras Jazz Figurines

Mardi Gras is that special time of the year where jazz musicians take the stage and their music can be heard throughout New Orleans itself. As the Mardi Gras floats start their engines and the music starts playing you know it's going to be a good time down here in the south. Now we did a 3D printing post last year for Mardi Gras as well but we thought that didn't quite capture the essence of Mardi Gras. So we are back at it again to really deliver the very essence of Mardi Gras with a little 3D printing twist.


With the iconic name as "THE JAZZ BAND" who could forget a 10 piece band like them. Originally we only know 3 of the figurines when we started this but as we have come to find out there is an entire band centered in the collection and makes us wonder if we need to step up our collection as well. As we continued to explore the vast array of Jazz figurines we began to notice that a few of them didn't have any figurines playing the trombone. As a "Jazz Band" you would think that they would have that figurine but thanks to 3D printing and 3D scanning they don't have to worry about that problem anymore.

If you walk down the streets of New Orleans you're bound to find at jazz music playing and during Mardi Gras time there's nothing else going on. If you were to enter into any local gift shops in the New Orleans area you are bound to find these Jazz figurines or other figurines playing on Bourbon St. What you won't find are the full collections with all the various instruments and different figurines and that's where 3D printing comes into play. Hopefully with this post we might actually get more people into 3D scanning and 3D printing figurines especially for Jazz figurines such as the ones above.

3D Printing Jazz Musicians

We have to give it up for our friend Bruce who let us 3D scan him for this project. Even though we couldn't get the 3D model for Mardi Gras nevertheless it's a figurine he won't surely forget. The idea of 3D scanning Bruce was going to be an easy task just 3D scan him while he was holding his trombone like he was playing it but we soon came to realize that couldn't be the case. This is one of the easiest challenges that we knew how to fix and we were kind of surprised this was the only challenge or obstacle that happened during the entire project.

The reflection of the trombone kept messing up the data that we received so we had to rethink this idea. We went the other way and digitally added in the trombone after we scanned Bruce as he would have been holding and playing his trombone. Though we had to correct the lighting in digital production we think that it came out pretty great for our skill level. If nobody would have known that we digitally added the trombone in after we 3D scanned Bruce nobody would have known questioned it and they still would have been amazed to see it but either way it's still pretty awesome to look at.

Now that Bruce has been 3D scanned and 3D printed with a trombone we are thinking about continuing our Jazz Figurine collection and stepping it up a notch or so and adding some new 3D printing ideas and our ideas into the mix. Maybe adding in a few different positions and maybe a few more instruments as well. Who knows what our collection is going to look like one day but if they come out looking as good as Bruce you best believe we are going to be making more 3D printed Jazz figurines!