3D Printed Food Restaurant

The world's first pop-up 3D printed restaurant, yeah that's a thing and it's making huge headlines as it travels all around the world to show off it's 3D printed restaurant and 3D printed full-course menu. You must have a ton of questions to ask yourself like how is this possible?, what do they use to create the food?, what 3D printer do they use and how does it even taste?

Well 3D printing has revolutionized a ton of aspects in our life from medicine to architecture to cosplay to just about anything else you can think of. The Dutch company byFlow revolutionized the food aspect of our lives with 3D printing and we can't thank them enough. Yes there has been other 3D printers that can 3D print food but with the help of Food Ink and 3D Samba they have taken it a step forward and incorporated the entire restaurant with 3D printing. From lights to chairs to tables to forks and knives to plates and just about anything else that goes into eating out at a restaurant, byFlow has thought of it all.

How It All Came Together

Food Ink and 3D Samba joined forces with byFlow, a company that makes portable 3D printers, and together they came up with the idea to create the world's first 3D printed restaurant. It started with byFlow's 3D printers, their 3D printers are capable of 3D printing edible materials like chocolate, hummus, meat, goat cheese, pizza dough, and all sorts of other delicious goodies on top of the traditional printing materials. With it's unique design, portability in mind, exchangeable 3D printer heads and heated and insulated print bed, byFlow has made the perfect 3D printing food printer.

To 3D print food, edible ingredients must first be made into a paste, doesn't sound delicious, right? I mean who would want to eat "puréed food", as chefs call it in the industry. Same taste just different texture and once plated and served to the guest you'd hardly notice the difference with the puréed food. Just look at the images of the some of the food from the menu and you tell us what you think of this puréed food from the 3D printed restaurant and if you would eat at this 3D printed restaurant.

Looks delicious, doesn't it? It makes you want to try some of their food out and see what everyone is talking about, right? Well don't worry the Food Ink. traveling restaurant will soon be bringing the byFlow 3D printer to cities around the world including Dubai, Seoul, Rome, Paris, Las Vegas, Toronto, Berlin, Singapore and more. Don't know where they will pop up next, well check out their website here to find out where they are going next.