3D Printing Refrigerator Magnets

We all have that one traveling family member that goes around and wherever they go they always bring you back a magnet. Sometimes these magnets are your basic magnets you can find anywhere and sometimes they are sentimental and the best looking magnets you can have. Usually you could only find these magnets at local travel shops but now with 3D printing you can completely DIY them and create one of a kind 3D printed magnets and add them to your collection!

Adding More To Your Collection

The classic A, B, C refrigerator magnets may have been a huge thing back in the day for little one's but now that 3D printing it's changing things up and adding itself into the mix, you never know what you might get. There's so many more ideas you can have when you add 3D printing into the mix for refrigerator magnets.

This one was really fun for all those animal lovers out there. Designer Rafbe on Pinshape created the loving refrigerator magnets of the rhino, lion, buffalo, hippo and the elephant and once they were 3D printed, sanded and had magnets on their backs they looked great up on the refrigerator. Though 3D printed with ABS looks great and all, zlspradlin on Pinshape saw this and thought they would look 10 times better as 3D printed resin objects with some painted gold leaf on them and he wasn't wrong about that. We do have to admit that a casting of the parts in metal would look absolutely stunning but they would weight a lot and wouldn't work with any magnets but for now these 3D printed resin ones will be fine for our refrigerator.

The idea for a 3D printed grocery list is simple you 3D print out the generic things you need from the grocery store and once you run out of that item you either remove it from or add it to the grocery list. It doesn't really cover all that is in the household but covers the necessity items from the local store. With a person who is skilled in 3D modelling software they can whip up a couple of new ones in a couple of minutes and take no time at all to 3D print and an even shorter time to paint and assemble.
For grocery idea, it might be a little a blunt for some people who can't see or who forget to see something that's up on the refrigerator that's very important. This wasn't the initial case when juancgarcia posted the 3D model for the Sword of Omens Dagger on Pinshape but for us the idea of having a dagger with a heavy duty magnet on the end right on top of the very important thing you want someone to see on the refrigerator is very appealing to us and kind of makes of chuckle, like who could miss the dagger piercing out of the refrigerator door.

Now these might be some of the cheesiest DIY project to do but it shows what can be accomplished with 3D printing and magnets. It doesn't even have to be just in the kitchen either, you could have your own magnetized board anywhere in your place and still add 3D printing concepts to the board or the anything you have affiliated to it and still make it look amazing. There's even talk about creating 3D printing sandstone parts and adding strong magnets to the back of them to really showcase new ideas that come with magnets and 3D printing.

3D Printing Souvenir Magnets

Now it's time to get to the interesting part where we incorporate 3D printing resin and magnets and come up with some amazing souvenir magnets that you won't forget about. We did talk about 3D printing resin and gold plating the animals up above but this brings it to another level. To those that travel around the world or go on a mini vacation getting a souvenir of travel is almost a necessary to some but to those that have that artistic side and a 3D printer you can create your own souvenir magnets and skip the local travel shops and really find one that you absolutely love.

There's the generic 3D models of the states names on various 3D model collection sites such as Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, Pinshape, GrabCAD, SketchFab along with a lot of really great state monuments that can be 3D printed and painted. The Statue of Liberty is a very popular 3D model that we see that gets 3D printed a lot. Various states get 3D printed all the time to show their love of that state or after a meaningful event but nevertheless there are various 3D models of souvenir magnets out there you just have to know where to look and where to search for them at.

For those that have a love of photography and 3D printing while traveling there's a 3D model/project for you. This incorporates 3D printing all the United States and for the ones you have visited, add various pictures you have taken on your trip to that 3D model. So for a person that travels a lot throughout the United States or for any of the countries and continents and for those that you want to incorporate to the model, hopefully one day you will be able to fill out this traveling projects with various lovable pictures from your trips and have a lovely souvenir that truly will love that's one of a kind.