3D Printing Arcade Games

No this isn't a post about a raspberry pi arcade game with 3D printing components, this is much greater than that. It's definitely a longer process but totally worth the long hours. This DIY project is completely 3D printed and customizable to any person wanting to continue this 3D printed DIY arcade game but for us the game is absolutely amazing and now that we are finally done we wouldn't change anything about it. Though a lot of things have change since we started this project off at the beginning of January with our idea and evolved it into what you see in the picture above. At first it was just simple coin flipping game then the idea grew even more and more, next thing we knew it rapidly grew into a massive 3D printing project that turned out to be one of the funnest things to play with that we have 3D printed.

DIY Coin Flipping Arcade Game

We knew that this was going to be a challenge and we welcome challenges but we under estimated one thing and that was the amount of filament it was going to take to have this all 3D printed and with no mistakes but unfortunately it happened and we had to deal with them. With over 4 rolls of 1KG Hatchbox PLA filament and 3 more rolls of small filament that we had from left over 3D printed parts we figured that it was enough but we were wrong and had to get more rolls of filament to finally complete the project.

Another challenge was that we wanted to create it around the simplicity of 3D printed that required no electronic parts and was 100% 3D printed or close to it. With two rubber bands, some acrylic casing, side panels and some post production pieces it's safe to say that we got as close to that percentage and we are pretty sure that's the closest that anyone is going to get.

There are 9 "cups" as we refer to them, with one main cup that has the most with 500 points and two on the sides with 250 points. The hardest two cups are at the very top and takes a certain level of skill to make it in the cups but comes skill comes great points. The points start from the top at 200 and decreasing as you make your way down to the end with 50. The awesome thing about having this game setup is that you can interchange the cups and move them through out the peg board to really make this an interesting arcade game.

There are 12 "holes" for which the quarters can insert and slide down through to the back where the scoring takes place. The first two big holes are for the gun. There's a small error for the trigger that once you pull the gun it might go off before you're set and ready and it gives it a little flip that really flips it off the gun at a very low setting and these two holes lead to the front for the shooter to shoot again. Be as this may you might also get lucky ever now and then and end up making points from one of the cups and with luck get your quarter back. There are 3 main holes that are the smallest for the 500 and 250 cup spot. These holes are turned sideways to make it only accessible through the cups but we wouldn't rule it out with you were able to get it into the hole from a bounce off the wall. If you look from the top down you can see that the holes match the cups and there's a reason for that if you aim for the cups you are more likely to hit the holes and add even more points to your score and get closer to that the first place score.

Before we ever started 3D printing the pieces for the acrylic case we 3D printed the rubber band coin flipping gun and we went through a couple iterations of the gun in Blender before we started 3D printing it. We finally came to a 3D model that we liked and started 3D printing it. With over 12hrs of 3D printed the gun we finally had it ready for testing with different rubber bands. As soon as we started shooting the gun with the rubber bands in place we knew that this made the entire build worth it and we couldn't stop laughing or having fun with it and it only got better once we started 3D printing the "cups" for the back wall.

At first we thought that the coin flipping gun needed only one setting for the pull back arm but then we came to conclusion that having extra power is more fun in the game and customizing was the key to making this game even more fun. For our next iteration of the gun we're thinking about going crazy and adding a quarter launching mechanism with an cocking feature on the side for that ultimate customization feature that we've never seen at an arcade game before. Hopefully it won't take too much time to have this worked up in Blender and 3D printed in no time at all.

All in all with over 100 plus hours we knew that it was a long build and it's a long time to 3D printing stuff just for one project but now that we have the basis done for our acrylic container we can now spend more time on designing and creating more arcade games with a variety of 3D printing parts that probably hasn't been done before!

What's Next In Our Arcade Game Collection?

When we were thinking about this DIY project we weren't just creating it just for one game. As soon as the outer layer for the acrylic box was all 3D printed we knew we could change the inside components and add a few features on the outside to really change the game. Like for example one of the games that we were thinking about doing as another game was a crane drop game. It's easy enough to create with a mechanical claw and with some time and editing in blender the components can be created like it's nothing. After it's all 3D printed and the components are switched out within the acrylic box you now have a new DIY game that's constantly changed to fit the individual's need.

Now that's just one of the many ideas that we have for this DIY arcade game collection. There's one more that we really want to try out and test it but we already gave you one look into our arcade game collection and we don't want spoil the rest. Hopefully with this 3D printed arcade game making it's round across the internet people can see the creativeness of custom 3D printed DIY arcade games and get some really amazing games in the process.