Dungeons & Dragons

For over forty years, Dungeons and Dragons ( D&D ) has endured the test of time and it seems as though nothing can stop it and nothing shall. Nobody expected that when Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson created this legendary tabletop role playing game that it would turn into a cult classic and even spawn a Vin Diesel inspired movie from his own Dungeons and Dragons campaign to top it all off. Whether it be battling witches, dragons or whatever lurks down below you best believe that your dungeon will be amazing and definitely one of a kind, after all you spent how long putting together your campaign.

Dwarven Forge 2014 KickStarter

There are some who prefer 2D maps drawn on an oversized sheet of paper to play D&D on but there are others that bring those 2D maps to the next level with 3D printing and really immerse themselves into the true aspect of D&D. Welcome to D&D like you've never seen it before, thanks to adventurous aspects of Dwarven Forge and the last 20 years of 3D printing and playing D&D combine, they bring you the best of Moria from Lord of the Rings, The City of Dale before Smaug destroyed it to ruins and brings you the Chamber of Secrets from Harry Potter. There's nothing stopping the Dwarven Forge team from finding something worth creating and making it.

In all loving joking aspect Stefan Pokorny has done some amazing work at creating these games pieces and his work shouldn't go unnoticed. With 4 successful kickstarter campaigns it's no secret that there are D&D enthusiasts that love his game tiles and wouldn't throw even more money at him for his next kickstarter campaign.

With surpassing his overall goal of 50 thousand and reaching close to 2 million for his very first Kickstarter campaign you best bet this guy knows the secret to a good kickstarter campaign. Could the secret lie in his overall scheme of paying as low as $65 for a game set or the fact the game pieces look absolutely amazing and have never been done before? Dwarven Forge game sets range from as low as $65 all the way up to the grandmaster set at $3,500 you can bet that whatever game set you get your D&D campaign is going to be amazing and look amazing though. Whether it be in dungeon gray and full painted theses pieces are definitely worth the money if you are a huge fan of D&D (who isn't??).

Whatever his secret may be there's seems to be no stopping Dwarevn Forge from creating even more game pieces for D&D. With their second, third and fourth kickstarter surpassing all their goals and reaching near or getting that 2 million price point you better believe that his die hard fans have some pretty incredible D&D game environments. Whether you are a D&D die hard fanatic or novice player these game sets are sure to make any fans experience worth wild.

If you want to see more of Dwarven Forge's D&D game terrains and more videos then check out their YouTube page here, their KickStarter page here or their website here which gives you all the juicy details relating to their game pieces and game piece prices.

Library Full of Monsters

Now we know that D&D isn't complete without any dragons in the dungeons or really any creature down below and that's what Miguel Zavala thought too and then decided to take a stab at 3D modeling and 3D printing the entire Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual. The Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual has over 300 monsters in it and is no easy task to accomplish for the average hobbyists but it's been a few years now Miguel Zavala has been 3D printing and 3D modeling D&D monsters for years and absolutely loves it and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

“I actually started playing [D&D] when I was 17 and haven’t stopped since. While I’ve grown up a plenty, D&D is the one thing that I will always feel like a kid around. I’m just as excited now when I sit down and start rolling the dice as I was when I was a teen. I love this game, and it makes me feel absolutely fantastic knowing I’m helping improve the experience for fellow gamers like myself,” Zavala told us.

Started off with a PrinterBot Simple and Blender software, Miguel was determined to roll a 20 (a critical) and make this work no matter the obstacles that would stand in his way. With a D&D campaign on the way there was only one monster that Miguel had in mind that would have been much needed for the D&D campaign and that's the Black Dragon.

After finishing the Black Dragon for his D&D campaign and showing off his newly found skills for 3D modeling and 3D printing Miguel was hooked and only needed 299 to complete his D&D task. It's been a few years now since Miguel started his adventure and he has 3D sculpted and 3D printed more than his fair share of D&D monsters more than the 300 goal he set back in 2014.

Miguel had created monsters from the weird and ridiculous Flaming Skull to the famous floating eyeball monster called a Beholder. There has been nothing that Miguel hasn't 3D sculpted and 3D printed and has even came out with a few new ones earlier this year and has dubbed the collection "Out of the Abyss". You can take a pick at any of the characters below and many others that he has created over the years and use them to play D&D with.

All of Miguel's 3D printed D&D monsters and characters are hand painted and look absolutely amazing. We only have some pictures from the ever expanding huge D&D gallery but if you want to check it all of his models then check out his Imgur account here and all of the 3D models can be bought from his Shapeways account. He originally had the models up on Thingiverse, but it turns out that Wizards of the Coast, the owners of Dungeons & Dragons, weren’t too crazy about someone else making their own D&D minis but now that Miguel has taken care of that issue and now that you have your monsters and characters it's time to start playing D&D and begin on your epic adventure.


Welcome D&D advocates it's time to race off into unknown dungeons to face off against dangerous creatures and put your D&D skills to the test, but do you have what it takes to step into the world of D&D like never before? Just because Vin Diesel gets his own D&D inspired movie doesn't mean that yours can't be as amazing or as complexed. In a world so massive as D&D there's no limit to what you can imagine and create and hopefully as your heroes set out on a brand new adventure there is plenty of excitement, fun, and hopefully, plenty of critical rolls and is just as memorable and fun just like as Vin Diesel plays!