Gotta catch 'em all

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the last month or so then you’ve probably never heard about Pokémon Go. If you don't know what Pokémon Go is all about then give me a few seconds to explain. Pokémon Go is based off the Nintendo Pokémon games from the early 90's with the portable Nintendo GameBoy who's still going strong to this day. Nintendo decided to change things up and create an app along with the company Niantic.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality smartphone game that encourages players to actually leave their house and explore the city around them looking for wild Pokémon to capture. Players can train their Pokémon to battle other players at Pokémon Gyms, and meet up at Pokéstops to gather PokéBalls and other game items. Gyms and Pokéstops are scattered around cities, in local businesses, parks and landmarks, and the game has unexpectedly forced hundreds of thousands of gamers off their sofas and out into the real world. The company that create Pokémon Go, Niantic, has done such a great job at creating this app so far and it's not even released world wide yet and only in the early stages. Yet those so much potential for later versions of the game.

Featured solely on the First Generation that started it all back in 1995 on the GameBoy, Pokémon Go starts off just like handheld game where you chose your first Pokémon between either Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander and with a few more steps to take you can also chose between Pikachu. With 3D printers all the rage now, people have been 3D printing Pokémon like crazy it's an epidemic just like the game. People have been 3D printing more than just the original three Pokémon all over the city and all over the world but as many as they can get their hands on from various 3D printing model websites, claiming they have caught Pokémon in real life. Some business even take advantage of the PokéStops at their place of business and some say that if you find this specific Pokémon that they have planted around town you get a specific discount off if you are the first to "catch" that Pokémon. It's absolutely crazy what some people will do to get people to go to their store. One guy even starting printing first generation Pokémon and placing them in his home town for a scavenger hunt for people playing Pokémon GO!

The "Essentials"

Now we know for every Pokémon catcher out there there are going to be the essentials that you need to catch them all. First off, you can't catch them all with out a Pokédex and second off you're going to need a battery pack to make sure your phone doesn't die. Believe us when we say you're gonna need a battery pack. As for the creator of this diy project for the Pokédex battery pack, you can download the files from Github here, he only made the first Pokèdex for a Samsung Galaxy S4 but don't let that stop you there are easy techniques to change the files to fit your phone. Don't worry for you IPhone users since the first "Pokèdex" came out there have been various models fitted towards the Apple products, so you're in luck. We do have to say that he definitely hit the mark on this one and that Pokédex looks incredible, there's no way that any Pokémon enthusiast who's ever wanted a Pokédex isn't going to 3D print this any time soon. Unfortunately the creator didn't post a full DIY on how to create the full Pokédex he just made the files to download and put the casing together. But lucky for us, you don't have to do to that much digging around to get the full DIY on the Pokédex. Sparkfun user Nick Poole has the complete DIY tutorial on the Pokédex and even comes with pictures. It will only take a few hours to print the casing and less than an hour to follow and complete the DIY tutorial without getting into trouble ( from Team Rocket that is ) after that it will be all yours for the customization however long that'll take. Maybe represent your team with an insignia on the front cover, perhaps?


Thirdly, you can't catch a Pokémon without any PokéBalls that's where these come from. I mean what else are you going to use to catch those super rare pidgeys with. With only 40 levels so far in Pokémon Go and not getting a single Masterball once you reach level 40 and while keeping to tradition of Pokémon games it's safe to say that the Masterball will look the same as it has be in the portable games. Some leaked images have surfaced from data mining from the app but it has still yet to appear to all the users in the game. 3D printing PokéBalls are probably the easiest thing to print on a 3D printer there are tons of files online to choose to print for PokéBalls the only bad thing is that if you want to get the perfect finish you are going to have to take your time and sand it down and give it a nice coat of paint that's the only downfall to 3D printing.

Team Membership

Within the first week that Pokémon Go was released there were so many 3D printable parts that had appeared that the first ones to show up were from the three teams to choose from. Once you leveled up to level 5 you got to choose your team from either Team Mystic, Team Valor or Team Instinct, the majority of people choose Team Mystic and leaving Team Instinct for last place. While Niantic has release team leaders some information they have yet to add them to the update.

Spark is the leader of Team Instinct who trusts his instinct even if it's wrong, Blanche is in charge of Team Mystic, she's is the smartest one of the three and Candela is the head of the red team, who is the bold fiery one that has that go to attitude. It's not quite sure what exactly role they play in the game besides being team leaders. Is Niantic waiting till they release Pokémon Go in more countries? It's a possibility but the rumor is that they could play a role in legendary battles that we saw in the Pokémon Go released trailer with Mewtwo.

Logos from team badge have been one of the most popular thing to get your hands on from 3D printed keychains to car decals to t-shirts. It's crazy what some people will do to represent their teams from Pokémon Go but awesome none the less. From giant wall decals to tiny ones there's nothing stopping people from showing off their team spirit.

While Niantic has yet to release any other information revealing more specific dates towards the three legendary Pokémon appearance for which the teams have centered upon they have said that they will release more information after the app is available worldwide and for all to download. We don't know how long that will be or if the servers are going to keep crashing when they release the app in more areas but we can't wait till they release that information and we get the chance to catch those legendary Pokémon.