Lighting Up A Room

Nervous System

Nervous System has achieved what no one has done before with their 3D printed Hyphae Lamp, as they call it. Hyphae is a specific term that we all learned in science class from back in school which are the branching parts that make up a section of a fungus. Never have you thought hyphea was this interesting now have you, it's okay to admit it because we are interested in it too. Bridging 3D printing and hyphae together to make a custom unique lampshade has not been done to our calculations but it'll be no surprise when more science gets combined with more 3D printing aspects in home decor. Nervous System uses a pretty interesting equation, they state that the equation has a random element to it so that every hyphae lamp shade that they print no two are alike, a unique and one of a kind hyphae lamp shade everytime.

Here's a short video of the mesmerizing and kind of therapeutic as we see the Hyphae Lamp coming alive so to speak in this computer generated background and for more on Nervous System check out there website here.

3D Printing Forms in Nature

Two Denmark-based artists have decided to create stunning and simple 3D printing lampshades that transforms the light of a lamp into the darkness of a twisted forest, a project they call Forms in Nature. If either you are a forest lover, cabin lover or a horror movie lover keep reading because this is where it gets better. Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz are the two mad scientist that came up with the idea that led to creating the 360 degree eerie view of a twisted forest using a lampshade. The two took the idea a bit farther and attached the light source behind the piece up to a dimmer so that as the light changes so does the effect the sculpture has upon the viewer causing the shadows to shift from side to side as if the wind is blowing. For those horror forest cabin movie lovers this is the perfect lampshade you will ever need, it'll be like you're there in a cabin in the forest. You can check out what the two artists are doing next and check out Forms in Nature on their website here.

Elegant Lace Patterns

Paris-based artists Linlin & Pierre-Yves Jacques have created their first ever lighting collection called Lacelamps, it's a collection of 3D-printed “lace” lamp shades that project intricate lace patterns on the walls and environment. The two artists say that the lamps transform the environment into a magical “PatternScape” creating a whole new dimension. The lamps look simply stunning overall consisting of an intricate translucent lace pattern that compliments a deep black lacquered bell-like form but when you turn on the lamps you sometimes forget where you are at. The best part of this collection is that you can change the display of the lace lamp into a hanging lamp or a table lamp, it's perfect for any room.