National Black Cat Day 2018

Cats are lovely creatures. They’re soft, cute, affectionate, playful and the occasional lazy, self-centered and want to kill you on a random basis. However, cats have been worshiped time and time before and well today's that day that we worship cats of all color all around the world and spoil them with 3D printed parts in lieu of National Cat Day. So break out all the cat nip and treats for this National Cat Day is one you won't want to miss.

Always On The Attack

It's second nature for a cat to hide underneath a piece of furniture waiting for the right moment to strike us down almost as if they intentionally hid out to put on their armor to get ready to attack us. Well so no more for Jwall of Print That Thing up on YouTube has thought of exactly what every cat owner really need for their cat and it's even especially amazing for them to wear on Halloween, if you could even get them to sit still for a few minutes. This 100% 3D printed cat armor is free to download off of Thingiverse here and you can check out more on his YouTube page right below.

This 3D printed Cat Armour is an absolute amazing cat-tastic Halloween piece for any cat to wear. With a little bit of post-processing and a little bit of silver/metal color finish to this armor and that would make it the final nail in the coffin for this Halloween costume. It would make your cat win at any Halloween costume contest that your cat enters in to. Now let's see if we can't get you dressed up as a laser pointer to win that Halloween couples costume contest.

Cats Can Be Lovable!

Just because it seems like your cat wants to attack you or kill you in some way or another doesn't mean that they don't want to occasionally love on you from time to time. What better way to show them all the loving that you have for them than to 3D print out some lovable cat toys for National Cat Day.

These next two 3D printable parts are purrrrr-fect for each other and can keep your cat entertained for hours on end. This simple ball is great for cat to chase after to add to the excitement for the cat to play with we recommend putting some treats inside the ball or a little jingle bell, either of the two will guaranteed to drive that little kitty crazy with delight. If you want to change things around you can always put the simple ball inside the cat track loop and watch as they try to catch the simple ball endlessly rotating on the inside of a 3D printed track. You can check out the files for the 3D printable simple cat toy here and the cat toy track here.

This next one is for those of you who that enjoy both a feline fetish and the propensity to organize and keep toys off the floor no matter who's there are, your dreams have finally come true. You can now organize all your cat’s playthings in one handy place with this 3D printed, wall-mountable toy holder which you can find off of Thingiverse like everything else right here. Let's not forget about brushing your cat every now and then just be very very careful not to get to close to the face or the mouth because as every cat owner knows they will attack at a moments notice and try to bite you but besides that you can download the files off of Thingiverse here.