It's everybody's favorite time of the year, Halloween and it's just around the corner in a few weeks which doesn't leave you much time to get everything ready. Well fear not for we know exactly what you are looking for and just enough time to make it for Halloween. Get the 3D printer ready because it's time to put it to work for some All Hallows’ Eve mischief. -maniacal laugh-

Sure, store-bought decorations and costumes are great but those made at home using a 3D printer bring added creativity and flair to the holiday. It's a lot of work for Halloween, you best get started now with those DIY Halloween decorations and costumes. While trick-or-treating might not be an option for everyone, Halloween always offers plenty of opportunities for adults to indulge in some spooky fun.

3D Printing Costumes

It isn't Halloween without seeing a little bit of either Jason, Freddy or The Nightmare Before Christmas movies, they are icon Halloween movies. Jason is one of the most iconic movie villain with the most recognizable mask in horror movie industry. Whether you are a fan of the original movies or the updated classic back in 2009 you can still get a thrill with this 3D printed Halloween 4-part mask for Halloween. Thanks to Alan Stanford on MyMiniFactory, he has uploaded a model of the mask in four printable parts. With a little blood, sweat and tears this 3D printed Halloween mask is sure to scare any who come in your path for Halloween.

Watch out now it's only a matter of time till you fall asleep and he gets you. As horror fans will undoubtedly recognize this iconic costume piece belonging to a the man that haunts your dreams. Freddy Kreuger is the notorious burned face victim wearing red and black stripped sweater with a love for killing people in their dreams.

Peter Gross modeled his nightmare glove after the prop used in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Using PLA filament for the the build and with brass fasteners on a $5 glove from the convenient store, this DIY 3D printed prop makes for the perfect Halloween cosplay item. Just get an old raddy down red and black striped sweater and khaki pants and your Halloween costume is complete for a night on Elm St. Let's just hope that not all your dreams come true this Halloween.

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, this is Halloween everybody SCREAM because it's Halloween and Jack Skeleton is bound to make an appearance. Thanks to Dr. Finkelstein from The Nightmare Before Christmas and all the chaos and commotion he is causing it just might be up to Jack Skeleton to save the day. Well Jim Clark and the people at Neomek decided to have a bit of fun with their Halloween costumes a few years back and to this day, the ingenuity and creative of this Burton-esque style cosplay is absolutely amazing and hasn't been topped.

Using 3D scanning, digital sculpting and 3D printing and a real live human boy for testing on, Dr. Finkelstein is was born. Thanks to Jim Clark son's for being the fundamental basis for the 3D scanning and modeling purposes and donating his body and time to science made the transformation from practicality to reality an easy one. The fact that Dr. Finkelstein's head is so much larger than the rest of his body makes it an ideal 3D printing project. The end product is breathtakingly scary with a full makeup on all the 3D printed parts after they were fitted perfectly for the model. It's a 3D printed Mr. Finkelstein cosplay from The Nightmare Before Christmas that Tim Burton would be proud.

Carving Pumpkins

There's nothing like a good old pumpkin carving to get you into the Halloween spirit. Who says scarier is always better!? I mean how do you not want to make a crazy looking wacky pumpkin monster and paint it yourself to let all who past by your house see it.

For parents who want to keep their children busy, or for adults who wish to unleash their creative side these 3D printed Halloween pumpkin parts are great for getting into the Halloween spirit. In addition to carving out or painting a face on a pumpkin, you can now add accessories to them like bat wings, horns, tentacles or teeth or really anything the mind can create. Can you imagine all the new possibilities that 3D printing gives way to for creating new crazy looking wacky pumpkin monsters this Halloween? Creativity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to 3D printing.

3D Printed Halloween Decorations

While some choose to get their decorations from the store and there’s nothing wrong with that others like to make their own and thus a 3D printing Halloween DIY Decoration section. Haunted Mansion, spider crawling down the wall, hand reaching out from the candy jars, it's making us excited just thinking about all the crazy, scaring and bizarre Halloween decorations to put for Halloween and for everyone who's gonna get a kick out of them.

Dubbed the 'Chandelier of Fear' from a group of designers at MakerBot is something you won’t find too often on Thingiverse. This 70 piece chandelier using four different colors of filament and countless hours of 3D printing is quite an incredible sight and an incredible feat to tackle this Halloween. But make no mistake this 'Chandelier of Fear' 3D printing Halloween decoration is worth the time. With over 75 hours for 3D printing the parts and a couple of hours more for assembly this project is a perfect for anybody willing to spend the full week worth of 3D printing and making this 3D printed 'Chandelier of Fear' a reality.

If you want to add some extra scare to your room, then this awesome light switch plate reminiscent of a mad scientist’s big, scary machine lever is a no-brainer. It’s easy to install–just unscrew the existing switch plate and replace it with the lever, it fits right over the existing switch and is the single best way that you could turn the lights on in your home. Just remember to shout "IT'S ALIVE!" every time you flip the switch to give it that extra spooky feeling.

If you want to go the tradition route and do a bit of a candle lighting to really give your room an old school scare then these 3D printing Halloween candle light tree trunks are the way to go. Going the traditional route is fine and all you just have to leave two burning candles with wax dripping down the side and barely having any light in the room while someone sneaks up behind you to scare the stuff out of you is the perfect way to scare someone.

What's a Halloween room without some bats hanging down from the ceiling? I'll tell you, it's not a Halloween room. That's why these 3D printed DIY hanging bats do just the trick with a little bit of some nylon string and something to hang them up on so you won't have to worry about taking them down ever again. These spiders on Thingiverse are quick and easy to produce, just a few hours on the 3D printer and a little bit of heat to bend the legs to give them the perfect creepy crawly shape and you will be having Ron Weasley follow them in no time, perfect for last minute decorations.