Down here in Louisiana we celebrate Mardi Gras in February and starting tonight and till the end of next week as soon as the lights go down low you can start to hear the festive sounds of jazz bands warming up and the DJ's cranking their music as everyone prepares for the afternoon festivities and parades. Making sure that last minute decorations are in order with the parade floats and that the King and Queen are both ready for tonight.

DIY Mardi Gras

Dressing up is probably one of the greatest things to see down here in Louisiana. The closer you get to New Orleans the bigger and crazier these costumes get with all those DIY masks, crowns and clothing. Kings and Queens are always decked out head to toe with a fancy crown on top of their head and you can always recognized them towards the back of the floats sitting down waving towards the crowd.

Kings and Queens aren't the only ones dressing up and creating some awesome DIY masks and clothing. Mardi Gras enthusiasts are always looking for the next greatest DIY aspect for Mardi Gras and really any holiday worth dressing up. That's why we have a few new things to cover in this 3D printing post for Mardi Gras that you are going to love and want to try out this Mardi Gras.

3D Printing Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras masks are the pinnacle of Mardi Gras, the more outrageous the better! Everybody loves a good Mardi Gras mask and the best ones are the ones that are 3D printed, of course. This year we wanted to try something a bit different instead of using a regular 3D printer we decided to try out Shapeways strong flexible and plastic 3D printer. We wanted to go the extra mile and really showcase the wonders of 3D printing using this new material for use. But really if the King and Queen can splurge and go the extra mile with their DIY masks why can't we splurge a little, right?

When creating a simple design just remember that a great paint job and coloring will transform itself to something completely different and something unimaginable so don't worry too much about all the tiny details when getting the overall design and the concept down. Just remember that the DIY aspect comes after you are done 3D printing. So our best pick for color for 3D printing these masks from Shapeways is going to have to be "Mardi Gras" purple because it's Mardi Gras and all the other colors don't mix well with the overall theme but don't let that stop you from some post production painting and some more DIY-ing.

Well now that the 3D printed mask has come in and now it's time to get to the DIY aspect of this build and go to the local craft store and get those crafting supplies. DIY in itself is completely up to the DIYer but we are going to shorten the list and give you a Mardi Gras style supply list that is perfect for post production on these Mardi Gras masks.

First off there needs to be Mardi Gras paint which includes purple, yellow or gold and green with the same colors in fabric paint to give you the overlying design. Most importantly don't forget the glitter and for some if you happen to find some Mardi Gras cloth while you are looking for the ribbons you can go ahead and use that and give you a bit of a custom look to your 3D printed Mardi Gras masks.

We have also found out that if you add a hefty bell to the end of the mask you can get the bending feature that you are looking for if you leave it overnight at that position or you can directly create the mask with a bend but be aware that the bend might be more once the bell is added after production.

Now if you spend a few of hours on creating your 3D printed Mardi Gras mask with the list we have provided and then some you are sure to get nominated for King or Queen or better yet best mask category. But just because the King and Queen have already been announced doesn't mean someone has crowned the jester! Nevertheless the idea of 3D printing mask is a crazy concept in itself and is just as crazy as the DIY Mardi Gras masks themselves.

“Laissez les bon temps roulez!” ~ Let the good times roll!