3D Printing Christmas 2016

Are you looking for fun and creative ways to bring 3D printing into your Christmas decorations this year? Then look no further because in the Christmas post we are covering all the new fun and creative ways for this Christmas. From Christmas snowglobes to Christmas ornaments and to putting out hot cocoa and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve we'll cover it all.

3D Printing DIY Snowglobes

Move those traditional DIY snowglobes to the side to make extra room because 3D printing DIY snowglobes are here! You heard right! 3D printing snowglobes are a thing and are slowly going to be a HUGE deal one day. Every DIY snowglobe kit contains a globe, a wooden base, snow and water but to start this DIY off you are going to need another item.

We are going to need a 3D scanner to start off this DIY snowglobe project. 3D scanners aren't new to the realm of 3D printing but what we are going to do is step into somewhere that not many venture into. We know there are a bunch of 3D scanners out there in today's market from scanning booths to digital photography recreation to straight up creating your very own DIY 3D scanners to professional handheld scanners. But if we were to go with any 3D scanners in general we would have to go with using a 3D scanning booth. They capture that Christmas spirit at a moments notice so you don't have to hold that "fake" smile for far to long.

There are so many different ways of getting into the Christmas spirit to get 3D scanned. How about striking a pose with that ugly Christmas sweater that you won with for the Ugly Christmas Sweater competition! Don't be afraid to get into the Christmas spirit for whatever reason for getting into the Christmas spirit do it because the more Christmas spirit you have the better the 3D scanned model will be. It's only gonna be forever encased in a snowglobe that's only going to come out once a year. For those that really love snowglobes it's not just once a year it's the entire year it's still no reason not to get into that Christmas spirit, you know who we are talking about.

Creating Your Own Snowglobe

We know not everyone has a 3D scanning booth available near them but when it comes to other 3D scanning devices it's another story in another post. However for those that want to create something truly special that they can be proud of well look no further than 3D modeling for creating your very own DIY 3D snowglobe models.

We even used some 3D modeling for creating our very own DIY snowglobe in our place and as you can see from the little Santa Clause down below it's differently something fun to do and fun to create. These aren't the only 3D models that we have as of right now in our Christmas selection there are going to be more to come in due time.

If you want to go to our Shapeways page to buy our Santa Clause to make your very own snowglobe we have the link here and would love to see pictures once it is complete and finished. We would even love to see what your 3D printed DIY snowglobe looks like no matter what.

But there are some that love to create their own 3D models and add their own flair to them. Those makers, those are the ones that we love and we absolutely love it when they bring new life into their own creations. Can you imagine all the new possibilities we would have if there were more makers out there willing to design and create new things?

3D models come in all shapes in sizes and different types too. There are those for DIYer's who want to paint over the model like PLA, ABS, Acrylate and even strong & flexible plastic to really give your 3D model a DIY aspect. Then there are the full color sandstone 3D models that are fully colored using 3D software to really make your 3D model one of a kind. Nevertheless your 3D model is going to be perfect as soon as you get it 3D printed.

It's been a while and your 3D model is finally ready and it's excited times because now you get to start creating your snowglobe after all this time. Well not just yet there's at least one thing you have to do first before you start putting things into the snowglobe. Waterproofing your 3D model is a step you better not forget because you will regret it and your 3D model will get ruined.

XTC 3D is a two part epoxy waterproof resin that coats all kinds of 3D models and they even work on sandstone models. Just with a quick paint over on the outside using the XTC 3D and letting it dry for a full day you are sure to have a waterproof 3D model. For those that like to hollow out their 3D models so they can save a little bit more and spend it on those family members who really deserve it just remember to completely submerge the 3D model to cover the inside to make sure it's completely watertight.

Starting your DIY snowglobe is as simple as 1, 2 and 3 because are all the steps you have to do in order to put your every own 3D printing DIY snowglobe together. First step is to now insert your now waterproof 3D model and "snow" inside the snowglobe then inserting water afterward for the second step and to finish it all up with step 3 just close the snowglobe and display it proudly for all to see. Hopefully for some it will be to the end of the Christmas.

Getting Ready For Santa

It's getting close to Christmas Eve where you put out the milk and cookies and wait for Santa to put the presents underneath the Christmas tree. To some, regular plain cookies are perfectly fine but how else is Santa suppose to get around and deliver all the presents and toys to everybody. The secret to helping out Santa is to give him some milk, some steamed milk to go with some much needed coffee.

Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee to keep you going throughout the night? Who doesn't love coffee especially when you give it that extra attention and add these coffee covers to them. These coffee spice covers are perfect for that coffee lover in the family or eggnog lover in the family that can always use that personal touch for a pick me up to go with there coffee.

Now for the delicious cookie part that must be done with some elf help for decorations before the night is up to put them out for Santa. It's a good thing these elves came to help because these Christmas cookie are going to need all the attention they can get thanks to these 3D printed Christmas cookie cutters.

These Christmas cookie are perfect for finishing off that cup of coffee with even Santa Clause would agree with us right. Who knows you might even get some extra presents or goodies for all that effort baking those Christmas cookies. If not just remember you helped baked all those Christmas cookies and you should get to eat at some they shouldn't all be for Santa Clause.

If you want to 3D print any of the Christmas cookie cutters or the coffee spice covers you can go here or you can search on any major 3D printing website like Thingiverse, Pinshape and MyMiniFactory due to the absurd amount of cookie cutters and coffee spice covers since the recent explosion of 3D printing. Just remember to have Christmas day feasts to worry about and not to forget about that New Years Resolution to worry about.