Mother’s Day 2017

3D Printed Mother’s Day Gifts 2017

Mother’s Day is the time of year that gives us the chance to celebrate with our mothers and thank them for the years of laughter, unconditional love and generosity. This year give mom a unique gift that she will be sure to remember with a 3D printed mother’s day gift or design one of your own.

What is Mother’s Day without a personalized gift from your kids? If your children are still pretty young they can incorporate 3D printing into their gift to mom. Shapeways is a treasure trove for all things 3D printed from bracelets to rings to necklaces and if that doesn't cover all things Shapeways even has a Mother's Day section to make sure you can find that perfect gift for mom.

If your mother already has a large jewelry collection, or if she simply needs something on which to display her new 3D printed jewelry, you can always make this whimsical 3D printed jewelry tree. The nature inspired jewelry stand was designed by Thingiverse maker AlexNZ, and would make an impressive gift. As AlexNZ explains on his page, the jewelry tree is 3D printed in parts, including the base, the tree back, the tree front, and branches. The print should not require any supports, but the parts will need to be assembled with glue after a quick acetone bath. As can be seen in the photo, the final assembled tree stand was then spray painted silver for a more luxurious effect. This last touch is of course entirely optional, as you can always print the jewelry stand in your mother's favorite color.

Mother’s Day Jewelry

Whether it be your mom, wife, sister, grandma, aunts, or a new mom at work perhaps, there is a 3D printed gift with her name on it (literally – you can add her name to any one of these designs as a quick project!) Which is a great way to involve everyone in the family especially the little one(s) and really put a special touch to their custom DIY jewelry for mom; which we think is a great personalized gift to to give that includes something from the heart from each of your children. Jewelry will never fail to wow your mother and there is a great selection of 3D printed jewelry these days but jewelry aren't the only things your can give your mom this Mother's Day.

A Rose A Day...

There's an old saying that applies to Mother's Day and that's if you give her(mom) a bouquet of flowers she'll be happy but if you give her seeds of the flowers she will be forever grateful and who can say no to fresh roses or flowers on a daily basis? Whether it be a custom print or one located off of a 3D model site there can be no wrong with 3D printing a flower vase. That's why 3D printing a flower vase to go with you seeds or your flowers is one of the perfect gifts to give your mother for Mother's Day.