National Golf Month 2018

The modern game of golf may have originated in 15th century Scotland, but it has a solid hold and a quite historical past in the United States and around the world. This year is quite special for it's an historical year for the game of golf for this year it is the 100th Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA) Championship at Bellerive.

3D Printing The Game Of Golf

Many pro golf players have gone to great lengths to up their game from getting fitted golf clubs to custom shafts to getting those custom golf club heads to improve their sweet spot. For some pro golf players there's nothing they won't do to get ahead in the game.

Grismont, a company founded by 26-year old golf equipment designer Clement Pouget-Osmont, is combining the luxury artisanship, state-of-the-art engineering, and metal 3D printing technology with ancient design influence and classic club making techniques to produce a stunning line of limited edition, tailor-made driving irons golf clubs. The stunning golf clubs were designed by renowned 3D digital artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques. The line consists of three ornately designed club heads: Ori, Cés, and Air, which are available as of today from the bespoke French brand and display true craftsmanship for the game of golf.

Three exotic models are available in the initial Grismont range: ORI, which takes its visual cues from the Mashrabiya, a traditional Arabic latticework window design which dates from the Middle Ages; CÉS, inspired by ancestral Asian sculptures; and AIR, a stunning see-through model which reinvents the back of a modern golf club, pushing 3D-printed golf technology to a new limit. The 3D printing production process enables Grismont to create incredibly detailed shapes with extreme precision, producing a micro-welded clubhead inherently stronger than traditional cast irons.

Golfers would be excused for thinking that these extraordinary-looking clubs are blades, but the ornate Grismont clubheads actually contain a game-improvement cavity which adds forgiveness to the power, making them suitable for golfers of all handicaps who prefer the muscular feel and increased control of a driving iron to the more high-flying characteristics of a utility or hybrid club.

Although Grismont’s stainless steel clubheads are available in standard 1-iron (17 deg), 2-iron (19 deg) and 3-iron (21deg) lofts, the company can also custom-build the irons to order in any loft from 15 to 25 degrees, to suit a golfer’s wishes. All clubs are available in Right Hand and Left Hand configuration, in both Men’s and Ladies spec.

But of course, Grismont’s bespoke irons do come at a price—on average, a custom-made, 3D printed golf club will run you €1,400 depending on your specifications and chosen finish. A particular gold-plated number, is said to be priced at €4,000.

100 Years of Greatness

The 2018 PGA Championship is the 100th PGA Championship, taking place from August 9–12 as of right now at Bellerive Country Club in Town and Country, Missouri. This is the second PGA Championship and third major at Bellerive.

The 100th PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club appeared to be headed towards becoming a low-scoring affair. Gary Woodland pushed the lead deep into the red numbers late in the afternoon with his 6-under 64. One of the field's better drivers of the golf ball, Gary Woodland caught fire on the back nine, throwing down a five-birdie 30 to close out his 64. The former Kansas Jayhawk had a big crowd of friends and family pumping him up through the round, which one of the best putting rounds of his career.

While there is a couple of names out in front including the likes of Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas, it still feels like a wide open tournament after 18 holes. Storms during the week limited the practice time and some even halted or even delayed the game, and after getting a good look at the course, we should expect more aggressive play and lower scores in Round 2.

If you missed any action throughout the week you can check out the scores, analysis and highlights at the official PGA site here.

3D Printing Golf Trophies

The Wanamaker Trophy, awarded to the PGA Championship winner, is named after Rodman Wanamaker, the founder of the PGA of America in 1916. The Wanamaker Trophy, given to the winner of the PGA Championship is a trophy that checks in at a hefty 27 pounds, measures 10 1/2 inches in diameter, is 27 inches from handle to handle and stands 28 inches high and is a trophy like no other.

Though the Wanamaker trophy may be the trophy that ever one wants, we like to think that the Harry Vardon trophy should be the trophy that people should like to get. The Harry Vardon Trophy is awarded by the European Tour. Since 2009 it has been awarded to the winner of the Race to Dubai but before that it was awarded to the winner of the "Order of Merit". The great thing about the Harry Vardon trophy is the golfer on top, which makes it an generic golfers trophy which is never a bad thing.

The great thing about the Harry Vardon trophy in our opinion is that you can 3D print a version of the trophy in your own way and have a 3D printed sandstone figurine on top. Just like how petitMe is doing with their 3D printed sandstone figurines.

The great thing about custom 3D printing is that you can make them to be in any generics pose that you want to or even get 3D scanned with any kind of clubs and in any golf position to make it truly one of a kind and be just as priceless as the Wanamaker trophy or the Harry Vardon trophy.