3D Printing Nerf Guns

We always said that we would never 3D print components relating to firing gun but we never said anything about 3D printing parts for Nerf guns. A lot of things have change since 1969 when Parker Brothers came out with the famous foam-based NERF weapons. At first it was just simple single shooters but now it has rapidly grown to just about any kind of gun you can think of and 3D printing is playing every part it can with Nerf's ever expanding gun collections.

Mods, Mods and even more Mods!

On an average typical day if you know where to look you can find tons of Nerf guns at your local store but what you might find might not be exactly what you are looking for. Nowadays you can create your own modifications to fit your own Nerf gun and really give it a unique feel to your own personal gun and that's why 3D printing has been so successful these modifications are changing the industry. There are even some rare guns out there that have stopped being manufactured and now which can come back to life with a little bit of 3D printing.

3D printing hasn't strayed that far away from the modifications from that of real life firing guns. Modifications are just the start when it comes to Nerf guns and some have even made it a thriving business off of selling modification parts for Nerf guns. Most modifications that you usually see alot in regular guns are the stocks, the silencers/suppressors, ammo cartridges, personal handle grips and the occasionally sights and scopes and 3D printing has no short supply when it comes to 3D printing them.

Barrel extensions and silencers are a great way to add a tactical look for your Nerf gun. On the front of the barrel extension there is an adapter which accepts a Nerf Suppressor/Silencer. The Nerf Suppressor/Silencer simply pushes on the end of the barrel extension and is held there by a spring tension device already located in the Nerf Suppressor/Silencer. These barrel extensions have been tested on many types of Nerf guns and will not interfere with normal operation of the gun.

Custom scopes can really the change the overall aspect of a Nerf gun into something completely different. Custom scopes aren't usually made for all types of Nerf guns the most you ever see of any kind of modifications are custom grips. Nerf grips are usually added at the end of the gun but that doesn't stop some people from going and changing things up and going for that custom look.

Not everyone wants that custom look or find exactly what they are looking for but there are some companies that sell complete 3D printed Nerf gun kits that just about include everything and from there it's just what you want to add to your gun to make it one of a kind. There are some modifications that have gone so far to completely change the entire outlook of the Nerf gun and still manage to make the Nerf gun shoot.

Fully 3D Printed Nerf Guns

If you’re a big fan of Nerf attachments you’re going to have to think outside of the box to really bridge the gap between what's possible and what's the explore. Nerf doesn't have aftermarket attachments at all so you’ll have to look elsewhere for attachment parts. There are many companies who have stepped up to the plate and knocked things out of the park. If you scour Amazon, eBay, and even Etsy you will find an seemingly limitless supply of good quality aftermarket Nerf attachments and accessories but it doesn't do you any good if you are wanting to build your own fully 3D printed Nerf gun with room for custom attachment parts.

Some companies create and modify Nerf guns others improve on the Nerf guns, though it still is considered modding it's to a new level. These modifications are for wanting to shoot the Nerf bullets faster so you can achieve a longer distance or if you want to have a faster trigger response. Whatever kind of modification attachments you want for your Nerf gun get it ahead of time and really make sure it'll work with your overall project build. First you would want to start off with getting your Nerf parts 3D printed, this can be from using set plans from other Nerf guns or from hand drawing the plans out. Once the design is down and the parts are all 3D printed, it's just a matter of putting together the gun in the right order and not leaving any modified pieces out.

That's the challenging part because sometimes those ideas that you have in your head don't always come out and work the way you want them to but it's always a fun time creating and learning from them. Now that you have your 3D printed "Nerf" gun and it's functional and to your liking you can go ahead and start having some fun shooting a few things in the backyard or at a pesky family member. Though the 3D printer filament that you use are very close to the actual Nerf colors it might make more sense and look cooler if you were to go ahead and give that awesome "Nerf" gun an awesome paint color to really make it one of a kind.

The Best Nerf Guns for Custom Painting

Nerf modders take their craft pretty seriously--there are many active forums that are kept up to date with ongoing project diaries, studies of upcoming Nerf releases for modding attachments and in-depth guides to the best way to paint and mod each type of Nerf gun. Every modder has a different style and approach--some add elaborate ornamentation and accessories to completely transform the toys while others simply enjoy the practice of painting and weathering. Now these transformations take years to master and yes you can go find how to videos online but nothing really beats getting down and dirty and coming up with your own style. Now these projects don't just happen overnight some projects takes weeks at a time to accomplish from scratch to finish. Finding that perfect shade of rust can be hard for some people to find or even finding the time to actual start the project and finish it.