3D Printing Super Soakers

The Super Soaker was invented by a rocket scientist by the name of Lonnie Johnson in 1980’s while working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The story goes that “while in his bathroom, Johnson shot a stream of water across the room using a homemade nozzle connected to the faucet. This simple demonstration of pressurized water propulsion was the catalyst for Johnson’s next big idea and invention- a water gun like no other.” Johnson licensed his Super Soaker to Larami Corporation, and it went on to sell over 1 billion dollars worth of guns.

Giving The Tiny Squirt Gun The Upgrade It Truly Deserves!

If you pay attention when summer comes rolling around you'll notice that there's only a few different kinds of squirt guns floating around. For being a smaller version of one of the funnest summer toy since the 1980's you would think that they would have gotten an upgrade along the way. Well that's about to change with what we have in store with 3D printing with resin 3D printers and book full of ideas especially for what's on page 52.

Water guns have been the funnest summer toy since the 1980's but yet you haven't seen the squirt gun ever get an upgrade compared to the new Super Soakers that keep coming out with every summer. Between the squirt gun and the Super Soaker, the squirt gun is hands down the easier of the two when it comes to an upgrade.

The great thing that makes the squirt gun so much easier for an upgrade is the mechanics within the squirt gun and the simplicity of the actual rig. If you notice when you take apart a squirt gun that the mechanism is just one part and it's so versatile that you can basically 3D print your own squirt gun case and now with that in mind you can start 3D printing your very own DIY custom 3D printed squirt gun for now own.

If you are really looking for a 3D printing challenge you could always 3D print out the mechanism for more water intake, or a better trigger finger or anything that you can upgrade to make the squirt gun better because that's the beauty behind 3D printing. The beauty behind our idea for upgrading the squirt gun lies with resin 3D printers. With resin 3D printers you can create the entire casing of the gun with see through material just like the original ones but with a custom DIY twist.

If you prefer to add your own flare on the project you can always mold the 3D printed part and cast it in your own see through material to really give you that color you are going for. Spending just a little bit of time getting the dimensions for the mechanisms just right and the casing on top of getting the transparency of the resin to your liking you won't ever want to go back to using the original squirt gun after you give this one a finishing touch.

3D Printing Super Soakers

Though the Super Soaker does get an upgrade every summer, we figured we would give it a shot at giving it a little upgrade for ourselves. We thought long and hard about what to upgrade with the Super Soaker in general. Like do we go with upgrading everything like the idea we have with the squirt gun or do we go about upgrading individual pieces of the gun??

We thought of a few individual things to upgrade when it came to the Super Soaker from the handle to adding a grip handle on top, to creating custom nozzle pieces and so much more that the entire thing ended up being upgraded. For those who want to only change a few individual pieces, the nozzle is one of things that we would have custom 3D printed to fit our Super Soaker. Just to spend and hour or so taking down the dimensions, modelling the new nozzle to fit the gun and giving it a new "spray" would be the absolutely the first thing that we would have 3D printed for a custom build.

Don't worry about the aesthetics of the gun unless you really want to add a side grip piece to give it a sci-fi look to it then go ahead and give it a sci-fi look. If you want to go the extra mile add some color dye into the water mix and give it a custom paint job on the gun and really give it a crazy sci-fi feel to it, don't let us stop you.

What you really want it to upgrade first is the pump action on the Super Soaker and really crank out all the water you can at any given time. That and also maybe 3D printing a bigger and better water tank so that you have to advantage and never had to refill so often.

Just because we have a couple ideas on what to "upgrade" for a Super Soaker doesn't mean you have to stop at what we have ideas for. That's the entire point of this is to basically create your very own 3D printed Super Soaker and for some people that's exactly what they like to doing. It's all about getting Super Soaked and having fun in the middle of summer.

Worlds Largest Super Soaker!

Then there are some that take the idea a little bit too far and just upgrade everything to the point of no return. Meet Mark Rober and the World's Largest Super Soaker that went viral on YouTube with over 15 million views. Though the entirety of Mark's Super Soaker is not made of 3D printed parts, we still will have to give him bonus points for coming up with the worlds largest Super Soaker and giving all the components an upgrade. We just hope that your newly upgrade Super Soaker isn't this destructive but is just as fun!