The Transformers series was developed by Hasbro back in the early 1980's and has been driven by toy makers since it's initial "spark" after being inspired by a Japanese toy manufacturer. With the release of the Transformer movie back in 2007, Hasbro had succeeded in "transforming" the Transformer franchise and since then they have been trying to maintain that status quo.

Luckily, Hasbro has found a way to take advantage of the emerging opportunities such as 3D printing and as well as take care of their fan-based community. Though a new movie is set to come out next year after everyone said it should have ended a few movies back it's safe to say that Hasbro is trying to get Transformers to make a comeback and this new movie could really make that comeback happen.

Designing a Transformer

Now a designer and an artist by the name of Tomoo Yamaji brings us a fully-functional and intricately detailed Transformer. The Stingray character is fully 3D printed and available in a comprehensive kit even includes a pedestal to mount the Transformer on. Users are able to easily put together Stingray with screws, and no adhesive or other items required.

Unfortunately you won't see this character on the big screen anytime soon. The 'stingray' character that Tomoo Yamaji created is 100% completely original but stays true to the Transformer name by being inspired by some of them Transformers and is a collaboration several of them. If you want to check out the Transformer on Shapeways we have the link right here or you can click on the image down below.

New Life

With the reboot of the 2007 Transformer movie it brought new life to the Transformer franchise and with that so many possibilities, something that Hasbro definitely needed. The first thing that popped into our head when we think of "new life" and Transformers it automatically goes towards The Matrix of Leadership. If you aren't a Transformers fan than you probably don't know what The Matrix of Leadership is and probably should, I mean that kind of power is what everyone wants in their life.

The Matrix of Leadership is an artifact of great power seen in the second Transformer's movie, Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen. While The Matrix of Leadership varies differently from the original Transformers: The Movie in 1986 and the Transformer movie that relaunched the series in 2007 the concept stayed the same with the ability to give new Transformer life, or provide the wielder of communicating with the deceased leaders who have come before them.

With a twist on the old concept for the brand new Transformer franchise it was almost certain that The Matrix of Leadership was to get a redesign as well. But compared to the original Matrix of Leadership nothing comes close especially when you 3D print your very own version of The Matrix of Leadership just like what Bob Clagett did.

This 3D printed Matrix of Leadership prop is one that you can't forget, Bob Clagett did an amazing job at creating this beloved 80's Transformers prop. You can watch the video to see exactly how The Matrix of Leadership was made with a 3D printer but leave the leadership abilities and the ability to bring back a dead Transformer in the capable hands of a Transformer because you never know what side that Transformer will be on.